Tashan-e-Ishq 9th March 2016: Kunj saves Twinkle from goons and Yuvi

Tashan-e-Ishq 9th March 2016: Leela and Kunj fell down while taking the run and lost the match. Leela saw the crystal balls on the ground and said they did cheating. Anita said don’t put blame on them accept their defeat. Yuvi said now he would tell his condition as decided.

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Yuvi said that he wanted to take Twinkle on a date. Kunj said he would not send Twinkle on a date with him. Yuvi said to be a man and accept his defeat. Yuvi said to Kunj that he did not have any rights to stop him from going to date with his wife.

Yuvi said to Twinkle go and get ready for a romantic date with him. He made this date very romantic. Twinkle was talking to Leela. Leela said to Twinkle that Yuvi had won the match with cheating so no need to go with him.

Tashan-e-Ishq 9th March 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 9th March 2016

She also said that she knew that Kunj would do something to stop Yuvi. Twinkle got a message from Kunj. Twinkle said to Leela that Kunj called her near the car. Twinkle went to near the car and sat in the car.

Tashan-e-Ishq 9th March 2016 Written Updates

She saw Yuvi there and shocked. Yuvi said to Twinkle that her lover Kunj was so careless that he could not take care of his phone then how he would care her. Leela saw the Kunj in the house and asked that what he was doing there. Kunj shockingly saw her.

Anita told her that Twinkle got a message from him and she went to near the car. Kunj said it was Yuvi who called Twinkle. Yuvi started the car and Kunj also followed him. Twinkle said that her Kunj never left her alone.

She said to Yuvi to see Kunj was following him.Yuvi started to run car very fast and take a turn. Kunj was not able to see the Yuvi’s car. Kunj said where was Yuvi go. Yuvi said to Twinkle now where was her lover.

Yuvi said to Twinkle that she looked tensed drink some water. Yuvi gave a bottle to Twinkle but Twinkle did not take it and drink water from another bottle which was kept there. Yuvi smiled and thought that his plan was successful as he knew that Twinkle would drink water from another bottle.

Tashan-e-Ishq 9th March 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 9th March 2016

Twinkle became unconscious after drinking water. Yuvi smiled and said now he would make shuhagraat with Twinkle. Yuvi saw a hut on the road and stopped the car. He took the Twinkle into the Hut.

As he started to come close to Twinkle some goons came there. The goon tied Yuvi with a chair and said now they would make suhagraat with her. A goon came closer to Twinkle but Kunj came there and beat all the goons. All the goons run from there.

Kunj put the Twinkle on his lap. Kunj saw Yuvi was tied with a chair. Kunj shouted on Yuvi and said that he was responsible for this condition. Kunj warned Yuvi if he again tried to do this then he would kill him. Yuvi shockingly saw him.

             what will Yuvi do now?

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