Thor: Love and Thunder Release Date, Cast, Trailer: When Will Thor 4 Premiere?

Thor: Love and Thunder Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Thor 4 News & MCU Updates
Thor: Love and Thunder Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Thor 4 News & MCU Updates

Thor: Love and Thunder is the film number 4 (four) in the Thor franchise. When Avengers Endgame hit theatres, we all heard that Chris Hemsworth’s contract with MCU ended. However, in 2019 Comic-con Marvel announced that they will be coming back with Thor 4 and it will debut some other actors and Chris as well.

Taika Waititi who directed Thor: Ragnarok will be back to direct the fourth part as well. However, this time, it was announced to include a female Thor. This all sounds very surprising and exciting at the same time. Now, let’s dive right into the details of this movie.

Who is in Thor 4 cast?

Natalie Portman is coming as Jane Foster and well, she will also be lady Thor. In Comic-Con 2019, she appeared on the stage with the Hammer. That sent shock across fans and then she revealed she will be the Lady Thor. The franchise is going to have its female lead for the very first time.

We heard that Liam’s contract ended with Endgame, but luck is in our favor and he is also coming back for the 4th installment. Tessa Thompson will reprise her role as Valkyrie, as the new leader of New Asgard. She will also be the first LGBTQ+ superhero in the MCU. We don’t know if Jeff Goldblum will return as Grandmaster.

Other returning cast will be Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk and Waititi as Korg. New to the cast will be Christian Bale. However, his role has not been confirmed yet. Although it is said that he will be playing the role of a villain. Fans have been guessing what will be his role but nothing is confirmed. It’s all under wraps.

A glimpse of Portman has seen in Avengers End Game and Marvel Studio’s boss is thankful to Waititi because of him they had Portman on board instantly. It is also said that Valkyrie will be the first LGBTQ+ superhero in MCU. However how it will impact the stories in different films not just Thor.

It would be surprising to see Idris Elba as Heimdall as he’s kinda dead at the moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As for Bale, fans think that he would be playing Beta Ray Bill, but there is nothing concrete yet. (check: My Hero Academia (MHA) Season 5 Release Date, Characters, Trailer.)

Thor: Love and Thunder Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Thor 4 News & MCU Updates
Thor: Love and Thunder Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Thor 4 News & MCU Updates

What is Thor: Love and Thunder about? Thor 4 plot:

Waititi mentioned that he was inspired from a Marvel Comics ‘The Mighty Thor’ by Jason Aaron. He said that, in this comic, a different side of Thor as well as also a female Thor is introduced. The movie will also go in-depth with Korg. We might finally know who he is, where he is from etc.

We may also see Asgard being built again. It is said that Waititi has reached the 4th draft of the script. That means the pre-production of the film is on full swing. We will know more when the trailer is revealed. It is also said we might see characters from Guardians of Galaxy in some parts of Thor4.

Although it is not confirmed, Diesel mentioned it in an interview however he also said afterward that he shouldn’t have said it as nobody knows about it. It will be interesting though to see him as well. (check: Will There Be Season 10 of American Horror Story.)

Gunn has said that Thor 4 will release before Guardians of the Galaxy 3. it’s because Thor4 is in phase 4 while GotG3 is in phase 5 of MCU.

Is there any trailer for Thor 4?

As of now, the film has not begun its shooting so there is no trailer out. However, we will update you as soon as the trailer is out. We thought as the movie was announced in Comic-Con 2019, we would see the trailer in 2020 Comic-Con, but, as of now, chances of that happening are slim.

Thor: Love and Thunder Release Date: When will Thor 4 premiere?

So, originally, the release date for the 4th installment was supposed to be on the 5th of November 2021. However, due to the production delays Black Widow has also been pushed back, so Thor 4 was also set to release on 18th February 2022, a little late than expected.

However, again it was announced that the release of the film has been set to release on the 11th of February 2022. It is set to start its shooting towards to end of 2020 so if things get better (which we hope will happen) then there will not be any more delays.

Waititi who is directing this film is also writing the film and told Wired that, “It’s going to be bigger and louder and more bombastic”.

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