Udta Punjab 13th Day Collection 2nd Wednesday Box Office Report: Living off the edge

Udta Punjab 13th Day Collection, UP 2nd Wednesday Box Office Total 13 Days Report and Occupancy: The dark release of the recent era – “Udta Punjab” is still thumping a beat, grossing some money at the Domestic Box Office. Though are a lot of other productions out, still, it is managing through the hole, grasping of whatever it could.

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Week 2 earnings have a great lapse when compared to week 1. “Udta Punjab” second-weekend values Rs 2.40 crore, but as soon as the weekdays bulged in, the usual drop also came. On Mon the flick grossed Rs 80 lakhs, later on, Tuesday of Week 2 it minted Rs 75 Lakh, just an inch drop than the former day.

Well, total biz till now account for Rs 56.15 crore at the Box Office. Tracking down the line of earnings, it can be expected that the flick will mint nearby Rs 75 lakhs on Wednesday too. {Early Estimate}.

Udta Punjab 13th Day Collection
Udta Punjab 13th Day Collection

“Udta Punjab” is near the end of its lifetime at the Indian Box Office. But the moviegoer’s still showing interest in it defines the fact that the flick was a good success. Its storyline appealed to many especially to ones who are more related to the issues steamed up in the flick.

“Udta Punjab” read out the menace of drugs in the areas of Punjab. It features Shahid Kapoor as a Rock Star, Alia Bhatt as a labourer, Kareena Kapoor as a doctor and debutant Diljit as a Policemen.

Udta Punjab 2nd Wednesday Collection
Udta Punjab 2nd Wednesday Collection

When rock star starts talking about avoiding drugs he is hated by his fans. Here When Alia the labourer found a packet of heroin accidently, she dreams of selling it making good money. But unfortunately, she has held up the goons and made a victim of Drugs.

Diljit the policemen get to his nerves, when the drugs out power his younger brother. Seeing his life in trouble, he pledges to put a fight against the drugs and dealers. He is aided by the doctor, whose role is played by Kareena Kapoor.

Udta Punjab 13th Day Collection

Their hardships, troubles, broken selves form the crux of the flick. Still, the flick is meaningful and hope so many were to get it, what Abhishek Chaubey – the director of “Udta Punjab” aimed at.

Udta Punjab Overseas/Worldwide Collection
Udta Punjab Overseas/Worldwide Collection

Udta Punjab 2nd Wednesday Box Office Collection – Rs. _ Cr*.

*early estimate

Stay tuned with TCD! for the exact box office collection figures.

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