Unsubscribe T-Series Trends on Twitter Amid Sonu Nigam vs Bhushan Kumar Feud/Fight/Beef

Unsubscribe T Series Sonu Nigam vs Bhushan Kumar feud
Unsubscribe T Series Sonu Nigam vs Bhushan Kumar feud

Unsubscribe T-Series YouTube channel trends on twitter following the ongoing feud between Sonum Nigam & Bhushan Kumar. Netizens are supporting Sonu Nigam’s allegations that nepotism has grown excessively in the music industry in recent years.

Sonu Nigam posted an IGTV video explaining the negative effects of ‘nepotism culture’ in the music industry that an ‘outsider’ singer does not get signed by any record label easily even if the music composer wants to work with him/her.

The vlog went viral on social media platforms, though he did not name any names in the video. The ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ singer mentioned that the music scene is controlled by two ‘move mafias’.

Unsubscribe T Series Sonu Nigam vs Bhushan Kumar feud
Unsubscribe T Series Sonu Nigam vs Bhushan Kumar feud

Bhushan Kumar, Managing Director of T-Series, published a press release to Times of India newspaper which made ‘negative’ remarks against Sonu Nigam. In addition, the article quoted six singers who believe that nepotism does not exist in the music industry.

Sonu got hurt after reading the article. He decided to publish another vlog on his YouTube channel discussing the wrongdoings of T-Series & Bhushan Kumar. In the 3 minute vlog, Nigam made directs hits on Bhushan. The singer named some big people from the music industry. Take a look:-

Sonu Nigam vs Bhushan Kumar Feud/Fight/Beef

Sonu Nigam and Bhushan Kumar feud took a completely different route after Sonu released the video. As evident from the video, the singer does not even blink an eye while revealing dirt on Bhushan Kumar.

Amid all this Sonu Nigam vs Bhushan Kumar controversy, netizens trended #UnsubscribeTSeries on twitter and supported Sonu for raising voice against the big people.

People also joked about PewDiePie as there is a history between T-Series and PewDiePie YouTube Channels. Take a look at what Twitteratis have to say:-

#UnsubscribeTSeries Twitter Trend: Sonu Nigam vs Bhushan Kumar

The debate around nepotism has grown exponentially after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. SSR committed suicide at his home in Bandra, Mumbai, he was allegedly depressed as the ‘move mafia’ had boycotted him from the industry.

Express your views in the comment section. Stay tuned with TCD for more news on Sonu Nigam vs Bhushan Kumar (T-Series) fight/feud/beef.

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