Uttrakhand Government’s new plans and control measures for kanwariyas

Uttrakhand Government’s new plans and control measures for kanwariyasThe chief minister of Uttrakhand, Trivendra Singh Rawat talked about the controlling measure should be taken during the kanwar pilgrimage. The government of Uttrakhand will allow the loudspeaker only when they are used at low volumes.

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“We will urge them (kanwariyas) politely to coordinate with us for a safer and peaceful pilgrimage,” said Rawat mentioning that kanwariyas are the guest of Uttrakhand and big lord Shiva devotees.

“We are already making an appeal to them through various mediums to cooperate with us. If we urge them to keep volume of loudspeakers low or don’t play DJs in full strength, then will they not cooperate us.. they will,” he told at a meeting of government officials.

“Kanwariyas are on pilgrimage. We are in their services, it will be a controlled measure and not stricter,” Rawat said while having a look to the preparations plans for kanwar at August Kranti Bhawan.

Uttrakhand Government's new plans and control measures for kanwariyas

Rawat has given the deadlines of July 25 to the departments to complete the work timely and avoid inconvenience to the pilgrims which are the main concern of the government.

Uttrakhand Government’s new plans and control measures for kanwariyas

“We need to ensure kanwariyas are provided best of the facilities, with all works to get fully completed by July 25. Kanwariya’s are on pilgrimage to Uttarakhand, so we as hosts have to ensure their comfort and requirements. Departmental officials and kanwar fair nodal officers need to be alert and on action round the clock during the fair,” said Rawat.

In 2021, the Mahakumb fair is to be held in Haridwar. The chief minister of Uttrakhand is planning for organising a plastic-polyethene free Kumbh. This will lead to some contribution to the environment and the holy place.

To make this happen without any problems, the local people, pilgrims and devotees will get cloth, jute or eco-friendly bags instead of plastic bags.

For the smooth functioning of this plan, the saint community representative, spiritual gurus and Mahamandaleshwas of Akhadas cooperation will also be considered.

Rawat has made an announcement that the dirty drains from Gaumukh, Gangotri-Devprayal till Haridwar will be stopped to be added to the holy river Ganga by January 2019.

The plans are also going on for the establishment of a prototype of all the 52 “shaktipeeths” in Haridwar by the state government.

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