Venom Movie Release Date, Trailer and everything you need to know

Venom Movie: Villainous, the character from Spider-man 3 is considered as the most awaited upcoming film of this year. It is considered a most exciting film by the audience. The film is in limelight, as the official trailer is released online by Sony.

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Some more actions of this movie have been released by San Diego Comicon 2018. According to the director and other production staff of this film, this time it’s gonna be more or less similar to the original comic. Meanwhile, the trailer performs his job very well by creating a buzz among the viewers.

Venom Movie Release Date, Trailer

Venom’s director Ruben Fleischer discloses some points in an interview. He said” This time the story will gonna be very much close to the original comic. He also said that the idea of eating people’s brain and biting them by Venom which was written in the comic is also carried out in the same manner in this upcoming film.

Venom Movie Release Date, Trailer

The main goal is to maintain the authenticity of the original comic. He feels that ” This time their character Venom, will gonna be the most brutal character among entire series of marvel.” There are a lot of expectations and hope in the audience from this new trailer.

Many of the fans also talk about its further continuation. Direction team says ” This part of the movie will entertain its fan like never before”. Fleischer also shows his interest about comic book movies. On the basis of that He is trying to give justice to the character by matching it to the original one.

This character will talk more about the violence. Their main focus is only on Venom, just to make it different from everything. Venom is considered as a guy which remains in a dark and love to be in it. According to him, Venom lies in the category of DC super dark, Zack Snyder type.

Venom Movie Release Date, Trailer
Venom Movie Release Date, Trailer

Tom plays both of his characters simultaneously. one is for Symbiote and other is Eddie Brock, and he performs both very well. It is in the air that this movie will gonna be separate from other Spider-man franchise. All the viewers have agreed that this movie revolves around Venom, so they tend to have a different approach towards this. The releasing date of this movie is 8th October 2018. It is much obvious that this will gonna entertain you a lot. keep in touch for further updates.

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