Wayfair & Amazon Child Trafficking Scandal – Netizens Accuse Amazon of Selling Kids & Children

Wayfair Amazon Trafficking Kids Children Scandal
Wayfair Amazon Trafficking Kids Children Scandal, Amazon Selling Kids/Children

After Wayfair, netizens are accusing Amazon of trafficking children with their highly-priced and not so justified price tags. The e-commerce giant has come under the fire for selling kids in name of the excessively priced household items such as pillow etc. Check out whether Amazon Trafficking Children/Kids Conspiracy theory is true to not.

Wayfair human trafficking scandal theory rose to life after a Reddit user posted screenshots of overly priced goods such as cabinets, pillows, curtains, etc., being sold on the website and linked the names of the items to the missing children in 2020.

The American furniture retailer has denied the allegations in an email sent to Newsweek by a Wayfair’s spokeswoman. She said, “There is, of course, no truth to these claims. The products in question are industrial grade cabinets that are accurately priced.”

The online retailer has since deleted the products which “did not adequately explain the high price point.”

Amazon & Wayfair have fallen in the same pit, and it was inevitable as people began noticing a pattern on the former platform selling a wide variety of products. Is Amazon Child Trafficking Scandal real? Let’s find out.

Wayfair & Amazon Human Trafficking Scandal Conspiracy Fact Check, True or Hoax

Wayfair Human Trafficking Conspiracy Theory: People accused Wayfair of kidnapping and selling children disguised behind the heavily priced products, which otherwise cannot not be purchased by normal people unless someone knew what exactly the retailer is selling in place of normal pillows, industrial-grade cabinets, etc.

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Amazon’s child trafficking conspiracy theory is also similar. The largest e-commerce player in the world is accused of covering its human trafficking front with not-so justified price tags on some of the normal household products.

Amazon is selling area rugs or carpet for $21,000+ dollars, pillows for $10,000+ dollars, drawer table for $16,000+ dollars, etc. Such items have raised suspicion for many curious conspiracy theorists. Take a look at some of the items.

Some people have noticed the reviews posted on such products are cryptically describing a sex trafficking scandal. For example, one reviewer wrote, “I like sticking to be bold and have some attitude,” on the pillow mentioned above. Check out the review below.

amazon selling kids/children, amazon human sex trafficking scandal
Amazon Human Trafficking Scandal, Amazon Sex Trafficking Scandal, Amazon Selling Kids/Children

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One Twitter user noticed that when you typed in the name of a girl missing JiaQi from Singapore. A produced titled “JiaQi Large Office Boss Desk” popped on the list. Take a look below.

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The allegations are made on facts that Amazon is selling normal products that should not cost thousands of dollars. Unlike Wayfair, Amazon has not spoken anything about the conspiracy theories coming to life about Amazon Trafficking Kids/Children in the name of highly-priced goods.

We will encourage you to be a little patient and wait for an Amazon official to reply to the matter. However, it is most unlikely that the spokesperson will admit to doing such a deed. But, we shall wait.

The story is still developing. Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Amazon Trafficking Kids/Children Scandal Conspiracy Theory.

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  1. I can report that I looked up the pillows on Amazon and can confirm the smut on 2; then I was so repulsed I had to step away. I did print out 2. I have requested explanation from Amazon as I am a Christian seller of towels and aprons on Handmade, perhaps not for long. This looks very bad.

  2. I made inquiry yesterday through Amazon seller central and received response from Amazon today. They said the comments on the pillows were not outside of their community guidelines. They also said that reviewers do not have to purchase a product on Amazon in order to post a review. They did not address the child trafficking issue. So I contacted them again today got a call back from Fran at seller central on a recorded line; I insisted that the trafficking allegations be investigated and addressed.

    I am a seller on Amazon Handmade, Christian, Conservative and of no account to such a giant company. But this is what I can do, pray and speak. God keep the children. And let us hope this is a troll and not the truth.
    Catherine Schmid Murphy
    Handes of a Woman

  3. ps I forgot to post that some while back I made inquiry to Amazon about the very high prices on some items as it was noted in some forums and was noted on some product searches. Their response ( by phone, on recorded line, if memory serves) was that the very high price was used by some sellers as a place holder of sorts while many loading products; the high prices kept items out of view and un-purchased until ready for market. I hope you are making inquiry and investigation on this. That is all I know. Sincerely, CSM

  4. i dont think that wayfare or amozon are selling kids, but there is a strong possibility that there is people using there platform to do these terrible things. there is a over seas web site that is child porn and there is kids for sale. if you put the wayfair sku in the site it comes up very ugly and it appears support this story. we see what happens but wayfair trying to explain away this by saying “these are industrial cabinets is why they are so expensive and this was not noted in add” is very questionable are the pillows industrial grade too ?? we will be watching


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