We Don’t Deserve You Shah Rukh: Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt Shah Rukh Khan: “Babuji ne kahaa gaon chhod do,sabne kahaa paro ko chhod do”….. to Shahrukh khan Pakistan ka agent hai, usey India chhod kar Pakistan jana chaiye.from the famous dialogues from Devdas to recent attacks from leaders.

Hindustan times: People have been talking in his favor and against him, after the issue on intolerance has taken everyone by fusillade, this time it is one of India’s audacious female journalist Barkha Dutt, who on Saturday wrote an open letter to Shahrukh khan published in Hindustan times. The letter is an out pourer of resentment over targeting the actor.looking at the current situation she expresses her personal support to him as a reporter and Indian. she expressed in the letter the country does not deserve a person like him.

Barkha Dutt to Shah Rukh Khan

Dutt’s letter coming out at these heated times must be a booster for star who has been seeing a backlash in very humiliating ways, where yogi Aditya Nath an MP of BJP compared the actor to Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Saeed (he is assumably the mastermind of Mumbai terror attacks) reaching up to passing horrendous statements like he would have to wonder on streets like ‘normal Muslim’ if a ‘huge mass’ of people in country would boycott his films. sadhvi Prachi called him a “Pakistani agent”.

It’s not the first time that because of his views on religious intolerance, that the right-wing has targeted him.she writes being targeted by them as well for asking khan questions over creative freedom and tolerance.

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She in the letter has written of the time when 5 years ago she met Shahrukh khan in Mumbai, and he was angry even that time, the maniacal animosity of these brigades wanted to banish him to Pakistan.(“lucky them”, wrote).he was forced to apologise through protests by these group of people for then holding a view that ‘Pakistanis should be allowed to play in the Indian premier league (IPL) and Shahrukh chivalrously refused. His film ‘my name is khan was just released, all the theatres screening this movie were being attacked by shiv Sena.

Barkha Dutt Shah Rukh Khan
Barkha Dutt and Shah Rukh Khan

She praised him for being one of the few “among the biggest and most glamorous stars” who had the guts to speak up on the heated issue of religious intolerance.

She in her letter is writing about various times when something like this has happened and she does succeed in putting forward the picture of a person who is intelligent, being a star so down to earth that his humour is often self-deprecating. Comparative to the times where he was forced to apologise for sharing his views that Pakistanis should be allowed to play in IPL, he himself came forward to apologise for his behaviour after the Wankhede stadium incident.

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And you told me, “I’ve been telling everyone there are three kinds of identities we have; we have a familial identity by the religion we are born in, so you’re a Muslim, a Hindu, or a Sikh and you’ve got to believe that because that’s what you’ve been taught. Then, there is the place that you live and work in, or are born in and work — that’s your regional identity. But all this is a subset of your country’s identity, of your national identity; when did subsets become more important than the set itself?”

“you are my hero, but we don’t deserve you”, she wrote.

Barkha Dutt Shah Rukh Khan
Barkha Dutt and Shah Rukh Khan

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  1. Where are we heading? Why this kind of politics of dividing people on religious lines is being played? All those who are doing this kind of politics should be ashamed of their dirty mind and politics. Our great leaders are diverting the attention of people from real day to day problems. let’s not get tricked by the politics of divide and rule.


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