What are scratch card games?

Scratch cards have become a global phenomenon
Scratch cards have become a global phenomenon

Online scratch cards have become hugely popular over the past couple of decades, with gamers loving the opportunity to secure big wins instantly.

Physical scratch cards were invented by two American entrepreneurs – John Koza and Daniel Bower – in 1974, and have since gone on to become a global phenomenon.

The pair collaborated with the Massachusetts Lottery Commission to find ways to fuel people’s desire for instant gratification and they came up with scratch cards.

Their idea sparked a huge growth in revenues for the Massachusetts Lottery, rising from $1 million to more than $2.5m per week.

Other state lotteries soon adopted scratch cards and they eventually spread to other countries including the United Kingdom.

The launch of the internet sparked further growth, with online scratch card games eventually becoming part-and-parcel of gambling websites, where people clearly enjoy this game.

Fast forward to today and scratch cards are big business, with operators around the world generating millions of dollars of revenue from them every year. We take a closer look at online scratch cards.

Introducing online scratch cards

Most leading online casino operators offer a range of scratch card games, with players able to play via desktop and mobile devices.

With simple rules and several ways to win big, they provide people with instant thrills that many other gambling games struggle to match.

Advancements in technology have transformed online scratch cards, allowing operators to develop immersive games that can be played on a 24/7/365 basis.

Players also have the opportunity to test out the games for free, allowing them to find online scratch cards that suit their needs before depositing real money.

Scratch card games

In simple terms scratch cards do exactly what it says on the tin – players scratch panels on a card to reveal symbols. The most popular variants are as follows:

  • Instant Wins: These involve clicking panels on the screen to reveal symbols. Match three and win a cash prize. The level is determined by which symbols are matched.
  • Lines: Some online scratch cards require players to match up a specified number of symbols to win a prize.
  • Multiple Chances: Players are given a winning symbol and must scratch the panels in the hope of finding a match.

Scratch card rules

Online sites have changed how scratch cards are played

While there are plenty of similarities between traditional and online scratch cards, there are also some important differences worth noting.

Online sites give you the opportunity to adjust the size of your wager, making scratch cards suitable for every budget level.

Once you have picked which card you want to play and decided how much you want to bet, simply scratch off the panels to reveal the hidden symbols.

If your scratch card has a winning combination your winnings will automatically be credited to your online casino balance.

Online scratch card strategy

While scratch cards are classified as a game of chance, there are some strategies you can implement to improve your chances of winning.

In the first instance, check out the return to player (RTP) percentage on your chosen site. The higher the figure, the greater chance you have of making a profit.

It is also worth spending time researching the different games to see how often they pay out and the frequency of jackpots being hit.

As with every other casino game, it is imperative to set an affordable bankroll before signing up to play online scratch cards.

Playing lower monetary value games will allow you to play more, but bear in mind that any winnings you secure will be much smaller.

As a general rule of thumb, never risk more than five percent of your bankroll on a single scratch card as this will allow you to safely navigate through losing streaks.

Interesting scratch card facts

Scratch cards can deliver bumper jackpots

Although scratch cards were invented in 1974, it took another 36 years before they were introduced by online casino operators. Here are some other interesting scratch card facts:

  • The first dispenser for scratch cards was invented by Cal Tigner in Oregon in 1985.
  • Banks use the same technology as scratch cards to send private information to customers.
  • A UK man once collected more than 100,000 scratch cards, many of which went unscratched.
  • The biggest online jackpot is available to players in the UK – a cool £20 million.
  • Some lottery operators have been criticized for continuing to sell scratch cards after all the jackpots have been won.
  • Lottery scratch cards have increased in popularity at a greater rate than any other form of lottery.

Scratch card terms

  • Autoplay: A feature that automatically runs through a series of online scratch games.
  • Casino Scratch: Scratch games with casino themes such as poker or roulette.
  • Fantasy Scratch: Games with a fantasy theme such as The Lost Maya.
  • Jackpot: The top prize that can be won on an online scratch card game.
  • Max Bet: A feature that automatically places the maximum bet allowed.
  • Real Money Play: Playing games for cash rather than free play.

Online scratch cards – The final word

As previously mentioned, most online casino operators offer a variety of scratch card games designed to suit every budget level.

These can be played directly via your chosen website and generally do not require any additional software to be downloaded.

The best operators have also fully optimized their sites to work on mobile, meaning that you can play scratch cards wherever you are in the world.

Many online casinos have gone the extra mile by developing an app that can easily be downloaded on iOS and Android devices for playing on the move.

With impressive graphics and superb sound effects, online scratch cards are a great way to enjoy a speedy gaming session any time of day.

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