What you can do to keep your relationships (both romantic and platonic) alive

What you can do to keep your relationships (both romantic and platonic) alive

Relationships, despite how well connected the world seems to be these days, can be tricky to maintain. Life changes, people change, and circumstances (the ones experienced by everybody) can simply drive people apart. Such things can be heart-breaking, especially if you are slowly watching your relationship crumble away and you can’t do anything to stop it.

However, sometimes these things can be saved. No matter time or distance, there are still ways to maintain your friendships as well as your more romantic endeavors if the other person is willing. This is especially useful to know after the pandemic, as reconnecting with old friends after such an event can help relationships bloom and bonds grow stronger.

Start spending time doing the things that you both enjoy

Spending time doing the things that you both enjoy, whether you are apart or together, is very important. For example, if you both enjoy sport, you will be enjoying it on your own and together. This guarantees you have something to talk about when you do end up having ‘catch-up’ conversations about what has been happening as of late.

It can be a great way to always have something to talk about and discuss in depth. It is important that you look into it when you are apart and when you are together though, as you might not have anything new or interesting to bring to the table, and you might just find yourself talking in circles. A good way to avoid this is by taking a slightly different take on your joint hobby. For example, if you are both cricket lovers, you might want to take it a step further and look into cricket online betting. You never know, this might become a new bonding point for the two of you to enjoy together.

Simply communicate with your partner or friend more often

Communication is important in every relationship. You need to make sure that you are communicating all of your needs and making the most out of your time together, as it can be difficult to work together otherwise. If you find yourself in an argument with them over something, you should be looking into what the actual problem is. It is easy to think when outside of an argument, but you need to persuade them to work as a team to focus on what needs to be done in relationships.

If it is a difference in opinion, you should probably just let it go, and be mature about the decision that you will be making. If it is over, for example, an issue within the friend group or within your relationship, you should stop seeing your partner as an adversary and communicate to go up against the real enemy: the underlying problem which caused you all to turn hostile.

Try your best to meet up and spend time together 

Trying your best to make up ‘playdates’ can be really important for your friendship. Yes, talking over the phone is all well and good, but seeing them on a screen is even better; and seeing them in person is even better than that.

Having the time to spend together, even if you aren’t talking, can be a great way to help you communicate and keep the bonds strong within your relationship, especially if you are someone who prefers to listen and spend quality time than sit around and do nothing but chat. When it comes to video calls, you also don’t have to be in your own house, you can be walking, sharing the scenery with others on the call, or actually going somewhere and sharing the memories with you. This can be great fun, especially if you live a long distance away from each other, and you get an insight into your friends’ lives rather than just what you hear going on in the background of a phone call.

Learn how to become a better listener 

Learning how to become a better listener is, as you might expect, incredibly important for friendships. You need to be able to not only know what the person is saying but understand them too. Knowing is simply hearing what they are saying, for example talking about the weather. If they say the weather is sunny and it is, and that is all you get from the statement, you are knowing what they are saying.

If they say that the weather is sunny, but you also know that they love sunny days because it reminds them of summers long past, you understand what they are saying. Knowing is what you hear on the surface, understanding is everything below it. Good friends are the ones that know you. Great friends are the ones that understand you.

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