Who is Rayshard Brooks? Atlanta Police Shot Him Dead, Criminal Records, Wiki, and Biography

Who is Rayshard Brooks

The video of a 27-year-old African-American man, who has been shot dead by Atlanta police officers on Friday night near Wendy’s drive-thru, has been released.

After the video got viral, the protesters supporting Black Lives Matter joined hands again and started protesting for him.

As per the sources, recently, the protesters have set Wendy’s restaurant to fire. There are several other incidents that happened in recent days after the death of George Floyd. Due to this, the issue of racism is still on the rise.

Who is Rayshard Brooks?

The 27-year-old man was identified as Rayshard Brooks who was wrestling with cops for nearly about 30 seconds and tried to escape.

Who is Rayshard Brooks

After around 3 seconds, one officer shot him dead as seen in the video. If you watch the video and listen to its audio carefully, then you will hear one officer saying that he has taken his taser.

Rayshard Brooks was shot 3 times in his back. Here is the video of the same incident:

But today, Jared Sawyer Jr. tweeted the video police bodycam which clearly shows how he calmly talked to the officers.

As per GBI, “These new videos indicate that during a physical struggle with officers, Brooks obtained one of the officer’s Tasers and began to flee from the scene. Officers pursued Brooks on foot and during the chase, Brooks turned and pointed the Taser at the officer. The officer fired his weapon, striking Brooks.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is on an independent investigation to dig more information about the incident. They also requested any witnesses to contact 1.800.597.TIPS (8477).

And as DailyMail.co.uk said, the city’s police chief has announced her resignation. And the officer who killed Rayshard Brooks is no longer a part of the Atlanta police department.

The former officer who killed Brooks has been identified as Garrett Rolfe. While the second one with Garret is Devin Brosnan as per police spokesman Carlos Campos.

Today, as of now, the GBI hasn’t released any updates about the case in their press release online. We will update the same here as soon as they do.

Apart from this, they have uploaded Wendy’s surveillance video of Rayshard Brooks’s incident on YouTube. Below, you can watch the same for a clearer vision of the incident:

At 28:32 in the video, the exchange between Rayshard and the police officers can be seen.

Rayshard Brooks Protests

“The video shows he hasn’t done wrong enough to shot him dead” that’s what citizens are talking about on social media and the protest.

The protestors are connecting this incident to George Floyd, Robert Fuller, and other African-Americans who lost their lives in recent days.

This is so because in these cases black has been killed and seems like the racism that going on these days hasn’t come to end.

So, people are again united in large numbers to protest for justice.

Rayshard Brooks Family

As per the attorneys, Brooks has three daughters having 1, 2, and 8 years of age. Apart from them, he also has a 13-year-old stepson.

Earlier on the day of his killing, he had planned surprise for her eldest daughter’s birthday. But she is not being able to wear that favorite dress bought only for her birthday and unable to spend valuable time with her father.

Rayshard Brooks Criminal Records

Right now, there are no such criminal records available for Rayshard Brooks. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation hasn’t published any update as of June 15, 2020. We will update as soon as some legit information becomes public.

You can check the GBI press release by clicking here.

Note: The story is being developed, so, stay tuned with TheCourierDaily (TCD!) for more news.

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  1. First I hope they destroy this officer …I HATE heavy handed jerk cops PERIOD. But having said that I just can’t for the life of me understand why this young man fled and even other than that why the HECK he would turn around and point (and fire?) the taser back at the cops???? What goes through someone’s head to do THAT to officers armed with deadly force?? Men you just punched to get away from? Now I want the cop prosecuted and utterly ruined by this but the victim? Sorry but I want him recognized as an utter MORON

  2. What should the officers do when someone does not want to be arrested? Just say, OK, have a nice day and watch that person drive away impaired.

    • Better yet: tell them you’re sorry to have bothered them, buy them a hotel room, 12 pack of beer, and condoms. Then wait for them to drive away and have a drunken head on collision with your family of five, killing them all. Then patch them up and let them go, no bail, if they don’t want to go to jair.

      • The man was not driving. He explicitly decided NOT to drive, and stay at the parking lot, because he was intoxicated. That’s not a reason for arrest. They shouldn’t have been trying to arrest him in the first place, and there was no reason AT ALL to simply execute him in the parking lot.

  3. Heavy handed? They were as nice to the suspect as possible. The suspect assaulted them, stole the officer’s taser and then tried to take him while running away. The suspect could have taken the cop’s real gun and shot him to death if he successfully tased him and incapacitated him. The suspect is the one who escalated the whole situation.

  4. I think deadly force was not warranted. I also think that the subject should not have fought with the officers, but why couldn’t the officer just called an Uber and sent him home.

  5. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The suspect put everything into motion which proven fatal on his behalf. I think they could have shot him in the leg, but once he took the officers taser, the situation went from a misdemeanor to a felony. I have been arrest twice for DUI and even thought I was angry, I realize my behavior could have hurt or killed someone. Conversely, the role he braced led to the lost of his life. The State should not tolerate lawlessness. Ironically, if germs are not dealt with in its infancy it will grown into a disease. His values system and beliefs were reflected in his actions, which cause his death. In this case the shooting was justifiable for the safety of the Officer and other people that was in the area.

  6. Frank, that idea of calling an Uber is brainless. 99.9% of the time when you comply with police it will go well with you. He was hardly a “good” father with domestic violence on a list of bad deeds done by this man.

  7. why dont you make them saints. . you are glorifying these individuals with criminal track record. .at least satan will love see them all


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