Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 December 2015 – Is Ishita Close To Knowing The ‘Khabari’ ?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 December 2015

Ishita is on Dinner table very lost, as she is leaving water falls on her table, to clean the water she uses a tissue of a hotel.Ishita panics seeing those tissue from ‘Pearl Hotel’ as that was the hotel Ashok visited.

Baala  is excited as his loan is sanctioned, and his corporate training projects will start smoothly. Vandhu is happy but doubts as initially Baala’s papers weren’t complete, He tells her to enjoy the moment and not to worry unnecessarily.

yeh hai mohabbatein
another twist in story

Ishita is talking to Prateek who came to return her back which she forgot in his car, While she is discussing on failing to know the Khabri, Ashok is listening to the same on the other side as he placed a mike in her bag. Ishita is about to tell Prateek of a big plan, her bag is hit by a child’s football which eventually damages the mike by this time Ashok knows it was Ishita’s plan.

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Raman is crying and is worried about Ishita and her alleged situation, she feels guilty over putting Raman in such an emotional situation thinking that this all will come to an end.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 December 2015

Ishita is leaving for work, an Auto driver comes to give away a mobile which belongs to Sarika, who forgot it in the auto while returning from Pearl Hotel. Contemplating over what Sarika was doing there? she assumes if Sarika is the Khabri.

yeh hai mohabbatein , ishita,romi, Sarika
Ishita and Sarika

Ishita gives the phone to Sarika, who looked worried, Ishita reads her reactions. asking if she wants to be dropped somewhere, Sarika refuses.

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Ishita decided to follow Sarika talking to Shagun on the phone. Following Sarika she reaches river pearl hotel, she stops Sarika saying her game is over, Sarika breaks down apologizes. She does not like seeking help from Ishita and Raman, Romi does not earn much, therefore she had to lie in the hotel that she is unmarried to get job in that hotel. Romi knows about it but they didn’t tell this to anyone so as to evade from creating any issue. Ishita replies they are a family and they will stand together in good and in worse.

Mihir, yeh hai mohabbatein
Suspicion moves to Mihir.

On realizing that she was wrong Ishita turns the question to ask if she has seen any of their family member or friend coming to the hotel, Ishita is scandalized when Sarika names Mihir.

Ishita in dilemma comes out saying, she does not want to doubt Mihir but she is forced to.

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Let us see what turn this entangling mystery takes tomorrow but surely we will see a crucial reality falling flat.


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