Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2016: ACP Abhishek doubts Shanaya seeing her with Shagun in hospital

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2016: In the last episode Ishita fakes Shagun and sits in god-bharai ritual. Sarika tries to expose her but Ruhi stops her making her fall.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2016

Niddhi having headache and Sarika provides her medicine. Sarika questions do she have any idea about Raman and Shanaya. Niddhi claims she being a lawyer can search them. Sarika says she can be her spy. Sarika assists her completing work of passport. Romi gets worried seeing both of them together.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2016 Written Updates

Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla apologize to Raman and say at least you might have informed us. He just makes a joke and replies it’s okay. Simmi and Raman remind of Roni getting slap and Simmi in baskein childhood and laughs. Mrs. Bhalla claims to be a good actor and Simmi regards they got know about acting.

Raman gets happy seeing he is forgiven for Ruhi. Ruhi comes and ,akes him read Sharvan apology letter which says “ My dear dad, I fetch sorry for divorce and was angry, but now you’re along Ishi maa, I love you. Raman smiles and just hugs Ruhi. Ruhi claims to make a nostalgic entry in front of Niddhi. Raman accuses her of not skipping chance of drama and all laughs.

Mrs. Bhalla asks for morning tea for her and Niddhi from Neelu. Niddhi asks Raman if he’s free, Raman says just a few meetings and asks the reason. Niddhi sighs no reason. Ruhi comes and hugs Niddhi and claims her to her mumma and appreciates her hard work in the function. Raman asks to leave and Niddhi demands to join but Ruhi stops her.

Ruhi says she needs washed clothes and managed books and Niddhi agree for that. Romi doubts on Sarika and wonders to stop her prior. Shagun along with Ishita visit the doctor. The doctor claims baby to be fine and sends Ishita to get medicine. Avhishek asks Shagun’s location and reaches there in front of Ishita and interrogates why she’s along Shaun.

Ishita shouts on him for doubting and claims she’s here for personal work and considers  it as a coincidence. She calls Raichand and asks ACP’s suspension he’s a disturbance always and leaves. Avhishek says he needs to be alert. Shagun apologizes for leaking her location and says we can’t let him know about all drama, else we’ll be in jail.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2016

Ishita too feels bad for taking to him like this since he’s a family friend and helped a lot. Niddhi  talks harshly to her clients in anger of becoming maid. Sraika asks why is she so irritated. She says faking mom for Ruhi’s sake. Sarika warns her and says something is cooking and says she’ll take care of passport you go and see and leaves.

Roni forbids her hurting his family and promises to pay as much Niddhi is paying her. She makes fun of him saying it’s out of your reach, shows her phone and ignores him. Raman asks Ishita to reach there, he has some business with Niddhi she’s mad now.

Raman sees Niddhi following and wonder enjoy the trip to hell Niddhi. He happily reaches the hotel and takes suite’s key and hugs Ishita.

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