Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th May 2016: Ishita informs Raman that Ashok is planning to ruin his product launch but he doesn’t agree to her

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th May 2016: In the last episode Pihu went missing and Raman accused Ishita of kidnapping her. Ruhi found Pihu and consoled her. Shagun asked Ruhi to ask Ishita to leave her as she wanted to be with her parents and she said that to Ishita.

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Aliya told Ruhaan that she was returning to Australia. He got happy wondering Ishita would leave too. Raman came to invite Ruhaan for his product launch party. Aliya told Ruhaan her Appa and Amma are getting married and asked for off. Raman and Ruhaan got shocked hearing that. Aliya said India trip was lucky for them as all problems got solved.

Ruhan wondered that’s a great news Ishita marrying to Mani and Raman marrying to Shagun and asked Aliya to take her time. She asked Raman wasn’t that a great news? Raman took leave and said to meet in evening. Aliya wondered Raman gave pain to other and now it’s time to pay back. Shagun commented on Mihir’s arrangement and asked if he booked banquet.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th May 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th May 2016

He asked if she really wanted to marry Raman as Raman didn’t love her but she said she wanted to. Raman saw his ad DVD and saw his and Ishita’s pic and recalled his argument with Ishita. Raman asked the man on call to call all media and wanted the party to memorable after all that’s Raman Bhalla’s product launch. Shagun said she knew Raman didn’t love her and loved Ishita but she’s just supporting him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th May 2016 Written Updates

She said she wanted him and Pihu happy as Pihu thought them to her parents and she didn’t expect anything and only wanted her family to be with her nothing else. Raman came to party and greeted the guests and called Mihir. Manager congratulated him and said he’s lucky to get the hall as it’s occupied due to marriage. Raman scolded him and asked the bartender to make a drink as he got irritated hearing marriage, love etc.

Ashok saw Raman drinking and thought to take advantage and create a scene. Ishita came to the party with Mani and said she shouldn’t have come and saw Ashok calling a man and saying Raman is drunk. She wondered what he was up to? Mani told Ishita that they would stay for some time and then they would leave. Raman asked the bartender if he was married and scolded him when he said he would marry next week.

He told him that he would be seen at the same place after few years and claimed marriage to be a punishment to men. Raman welcomed Ruhaan and saw Ishita and Mani there. Media took hi photos. Raman asked Ruhaan to launch products, people appreciated Raman’s efforts as he too acted in the ad and said his company is no. 1. Raman thanked Ruhaan for acting and Ruhaan asked to leave.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th May 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th May 2016

Romi asked Ashok why he called him there? Ashok told him that Raman’s product is hit and he would excel and would be ahead of him and said they should take advantage of him being drunk and ruin his party. Ashok asked him to wait a min and called someone. Ishita asked Mani what Ashok was up to and said she should tell Raman.

Ishita saw Raman drinking and went to him. He scolded her and said wha t kind of woman she is and asked her to leave as she should not see another man while she was marrying Mani. She said she came to save him as Ashok planned something against him. He asked her not to use her dirty tricks and said he should be safe from her and said he didn’t care for her marriage with Mani.

They both had argument and Ishita said she wouldn’t ever shout like him in her drunkard state and would control herself. Raman challenged her and offered wine glass but she refused. Raman provoked her and she had one glass. Raman taunted she had a habit of leaving in the midst and said she got well practiced of liquor in Australia. Ishita took bottle Raman asked her to keep that down but she finished it.

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