Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2016: Niddhi converts Ruhi into Ruhaan and projects him to whole world as a rockstar

In the last episode, Ruhi locked Mrs. Bhalla and Amma in the room and Mrs. Bhalla got fainted and Simmi scolded for that. Roni asked Aliya if he should propose Ishita for marriage and she affirmed. Pihu’s friend told her that Shagun is not her real mother.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2016

Pihu cried as her friend told the truth of her parents and even her teacher confirmed that. Shagun scolded teacher for their immaturity and asked them to be careful with kids as they are very sensitive and wondered she won’t able to manage Pihu next time. Niddhi shouted on Ruhaan and told to go for recording.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2016 Written Updates

He denied saying he had a tooth ache, but she said enough of his tantrums and gave him the pain killer and said she wasted her money on him and instructed to be there for recording. He got very upset. Aliya reached Ruhaan’s house and told guard she had been appointed as Ruhaan’s new PA. he asked her to wait and Ruhaan came and she greeted him.

She asked him to postpone the recording as he had a toothache but he shouted and said he would take a pain killer. She said medicine to be a string and would make her drowsy. He asked how she knew about medicine. She told her Amma is a dentist and asked to visit her for 10 min. he left and instructed Nancy not to tell Niddhi.

Pihu appreciated Shagun’s dialogue and said she too learnt few. Shagun said not a good manner and asked her to leave. She asked her to mend her sindoor and left. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi noticed Shagun’s upset. Aliya brought him home and asked if she did a mistake to get him home. Mrs. Bhalla consoled Shagun and said she would know the truth one day.

She said she didn’t care and she had been doing that for her only and would not repeat the mistake she did during Ruhi’s time as she left her when she was just 6 months old and said she had seen Ruhi in Pihu and treated her as her daughter. Mrs. Bhalla affirmed. Ruhaan’s cap flee in the air and he smiled seeing long hair and turned into Ruhi.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2016

She remembered Niddhi converted her into Ruhaan and told her Ishi Maa didn’t love her and sent for her own baby and said she could live without her and promised to start with a new identity. Ruhi/Ruhaan shouted on he is Ruhaan, not Ruhi. Aliya asked if he was okay and he said he’s fine. She asked him to wait for Amma in her bedroom and said she would ice pack for him.

Mihir came and invited everyone to function where Raman would get a business prize and told that he would be there directly. Mrs. Bhalla said what kind of beta he had who didn’t live and talk to them. Mihir insisted and he agreed. Adi showed him his dress and said he would match his dad. Mihir claimed him to be future of their business.

Raman called Mihir and denied to be there in function. Shagun said she would convince him to be there. Mihir asked how? Adi said her one and only means. Aliya got happy and told Ruhaan everyone had been his fan and she loved his charismatic persona. He said not everyone got everything and said she had family support.

She said the family is a must and went to get something for him. He cried and remembered how Ishita exchanged Ruhi with her daughter and Ishita’s pic lying there.

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