Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2016: Ruhi helps to Aadi and Romi to complete their consignment

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2016: Vandu tried to jealous Bala by her friends. Bala did not feel jealousy. Aaliya said to Vandu that they would make another plan. Raman had a backache and Ishita asked him to apply Baam but he refused. Mr. Bhalla gave medicine to Toshi and said her to take rest. Aadi and Ruhi had done all the work.

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Raman said to Ishita that he was so happy to see Ruhi was handling his work properly. Ruhi came to Toshi and gave her oil for massage. Ruhi did massage to her. Toshi smiled and said to Ruhi that she loved her so much. She said to her to go and sleep. Ruhi left.

Raman said to Ishita that what she thinks if Ruhi would stay at the home. Ishita said she hoped so. Raman said he was confident that she would surely stay there. Mihika said to Romi that Ruhi would stay there and then they also would stay there. She said she always to live with the family.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2016

Romi said that if she would not stay there? Mihika said she was confident. He said he would talk to Ruhi in the morning. In the morning, all helped Romi in the consignment. Ishita took paratha for Ruhi and Aadi said to Ishita that he also wanted to eat paratha. She smiled and went to take more food for him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2016 Written Updates

Raman smiled to saw this. Toshi teased to Aamma and said last night Ruhi did oil massage to her. Aamma said to her that Ruhi came to her and asked for a massage but she was fit and no need of it. Toshi looked to Ruhi and talked sweetly to Aamma.

Aaliya asked Bala about Aamma. He told her that she went for the help of Romi. Bala thought for took bath. Aaliya went to Aadi and asked him for any help. She saw Vandu there and said to her that Bala was alone at the home and she should go there. Vandu went there.

A lady asked to Vandu for help and she went with her.  Aaliya went to saw Vandu there. She feels Vandu was bathing and she said to her that she should wear some nice dress and left. Bala was taking a bath and he hears all this them he thinks that Aaliya was Vandu’s love guru.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2016

Romi got a call and he found that the tempos were not available and now how he would go for the consignment. Raman and Aadi helped him. They all gave credit to Ruhi to do all that. Nidhi came there and said to them that Ruhi would go with her. She said she booked the tickets of her and Ruhi. Everyone got worried to hear it.

Will Ruhi go back with Nidhi?

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