ZTI Security & Portland Protests DHS: Private Security Firm Accused of Wearing Military Uniforms

ZTI Private Security Portland Protest
ZTI Private Security Portland Protest DHS Military

The 50 consecutive nights of protests in Portland led the Department of Homeland Security to dispatch troops in large amounts to control the scene. The latest allegations state that the DHS deployed private security ZTI officers to arrest protestors and bring order to the city. What is ZTI/ZT1 patch, officers, homeland security?

DHS is accused of sending ZT1 troops wearing military uniforms so that nobody can differentiate the private security soldiers from the official ones. Thus meeting the requirement of enough soldiers to bring peace to Portland. Check ZT1 Portland information.

ZTI Portland Protests Homeland Security Military Accusations: Fact Check

The 2008 retired Lieutenant General Russel L. Honore from the U.S. Army as 33 Cdr First Army JTF Katrina Cdr tweeted the findings on his Twitter account. The tweet has since been deleted from the Twitter handle. He tweeted:-

See the #ZTI Patch on this @DHSgov police in #PortlandProtests ZTI is a private military company if true wearing Military Uniforms. W authorities to shoot and arrest citizens as stated by @DHSgov. Stop the Bullsh*t. Media do your job.

Honore later deleted the tweet for sharing the information without actual facts. As suggested by many users on Twitter, it is ZT1 and not ZTI (one; not i). He also confirmed it in the latest tweets. See them below

What is ZT1 or Z-26 Patch/Tag?

The military uniforms are supplied with shoulder tags such as ZT1 or Z-26 or ML8 to easily identify a troop’s batch. These numbers are called “personal cell tags”.

ZT1 zti private security company contractor patch
ZTI private security company contractor officer’s patch, mercenaries deployment

The troops are operating in incognito mode in Portland protests to avoid retaliation. Some of the agents are wearing the “POLICE” label while others are wearing a numbered patch to protect their identity of any discomfort in the future.

The local police force is required to wear badges that identify agents’ names. However, according to rules, Federal Agents do not require to wear such badges. They operate in batch numbers.

About the ZT1 and Z-series patch/codes, the unique identifiers have helped the federal law to retrieve and send troops to the desired location. The other letter-number combinations represent other agents with other functions in other units. One possible benefit of such unique serial codes is to separate federal agents from the local police.

ZTI Security Officers, Mercenaries, Contractors: ZTI/ZT1 Private Security Exists or Not?

ZTI SOLUTIONS LLC is a company based out of 994 BARBERSHOP ROAD, EDINBURG, Virginia, United States, according to their LinkedIn page. “ZTI Solutions, LLC specialized in providing consultation and staffing solutions for federal, DoD and commercial organizations with engineers providing expertise.”

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