28 Months Later Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything We Know So Far About Film Sequel

28 Months Later Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, Film News & Sequel Updates
28 Months Later Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, Film News & Sequel Updates

28 Weeks Later came years ago and a threequel looked good. However, as years passed by there were no announcements made for the same. There were speculations but again it seemed like a third part was never going to happen. In 2018, Alex said that the chances of the third part happening were unlikely.

However, it has been noted that this Zombie-Apocalypse movie will be coming back for a third part soon. After years of anticipation and wait the fans will finally get to see the threequel. Danny Boyle has also announced that he and Alex have an idea for the third film. It was mentioned that Danny got inspired to do this film after a trip.

That literally rings the bell in the right place. So, let’s get into the details of the third part of this film and see what we have in store.

Who is in the cast of 28 Months Later?

When 28 Weeks later came out it was not a direct sequel and had different characters. However, 28 days later was given an open ending. So, we may see Jim, Selena and Hannah. Cillian Murphy who is also seen in Peaky Blinder may be seen in the third part as Jim. Given his schedule permits him to.

However, Megan Burns who played the role of Hannah hasn’t been on any films except for a short film a few years back. So, it is hard to predict if she will be back. Naomie Harris may be seen playing the part of Selena. It is not confirmed if there are any new characters joining in this part. However, we will update you once there is any news on the same.

What will be the plot of 28 Months Later?

If the movie sets right where it dropped, we will likely be seeing what happens after Jim, Selena and Hannah realize that the mansion was not a safe space. Then it was taken directly where the trio spots a jet which releases a sign saying Hello. (check: Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers and Everything Else To Know So Far.)

We may get to know more about the virus. How the virus changed everything in those years. Maybe see some more additions into the movie. As of now, nothing has been confirmed. We will have to wait a little more for any further confirmation on the same. (check: Bachelor in Paradise season 7.)

When is the film’s 28 Months Later release date?

So far there has been no news about the release date. However, it looks like the work on the script has already begun. If we consider that the movie coming out anytime in the near future. It will definitely release in late 2021 or early 2022.

Given the schedule and everything gets sorted out. It is likely for the film to come out in 2022 as it will mark its 20th year anniversary. So, well we will just have to wait and get a confirmation on this one. The wait may be long for this one.

Is there a trailer of 28ML?

At the moment it is unknown when the trailer will be out. The production hasn’t even started. The film is mostly in the Pre-Production stage. Once the production begins it will be easier to guess the date. However, it may not come anytime soon before 2021. You can check the trailer for 28 weeks later down below.

We will update you with details once anything is announced. Let us know what you think can happen in the third part?

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