3 Common Cybersecurity Threats Online Gamers Have to Face

3 Common Cybersecurity Threats Online Gamers Have to Face

Hackers are a real threat to online gamers, and online gaming sites are one of the favourite targets for cybercriminals. In 2011, hackers attacked Sony’s PSN servers and put 77 million accounts in jeopardy. This shows how sophisticated hackers have become and that no one is safe. This is why you need to get savvy about cybersecurity so you can spot attempted attacks better and know when you’re leaving yourself vulnerable. Here are some of the most common online security threats the average gamer has to face.

Phishing Attacks

This is the oldest type of cybersecurity attack in the world, and one that gamers are particularly vulnerable to. Hackers will send a message to your email saying that you need to update your information or that your account has been compromised. They will then prompt you to follow a link so you can input your information.

The worst thing you could do would be to click that link and follow through with the instructions. You’ll be directly giving the hackers information or access to your account which they can use for their purposes.

If you receive an email asking you to do something, look at the email address and make sure that the company’s URL is there. You should then log into your account directly to see if the information you got in the email is consistent with your account’s status. You should also double-check with the service to see if they have contacted you.

Spoof Accounts

This one tends to be more common with online casino sites since there are so many, and people will be more likely to share personal information on them even if they’re not well-known. These casinos will try to pose as if they’re legit and will often look very convincing. However, they will be fronts for organisations trying to steal your information, your money, or both.

This is why you need to do your research on any online casino you’re thinking of playing at before you start playing casino games online. The most important thing to look for is accreditation. If the casino is licensed by a body that isn’t recognised by people in the community or if it’s not licensed at all, this is a clear sign that you’re dealing with a fraudulent site and should walk away.

Account Breaches

Hackers will also use what is called brute force attacks to get into your account or use software to decipher your password. This is why you need to have a robust password on your accounts and never use the same one on multiple sites.

Hackers have tools they can use to collect credentials from other services you use. If you have a password that’s too easy to decipher and use the same one everywhere, you’re asking for trouble. If you don’t know what makes a strong password, use a password generator and store all your passwords in a secure password manager so you can remember them all.

These are a few examples of cybersecurity threats you expose yourself to when playing online. Learn what you need to do to stay safe at all times, and be on the lookout for red flags and suspicious activity.

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