6 Killed in Arkansas Bus Crash, Hits Bridge Support

6 Killed in Arkansas Bus Crash, Hits Bridge Support: A sad incident took place in Arkansas on a foggy Friday night, a bus just drove off the Interstate 40 Highway, this led to killing six people and injuring a considerable number of people which were headed to a nearby hospital by ambulances.

Citing the site and time of the crash, the state police reported that it took place around 1 AM. On last midnight, the area was caught in by a heavy storm, after it was raining lightly and a sheet of fog covered the area afterwards. Was weather the cause of the accident? This is still not known.

In the pictures, captured by Little Rock television channels KATV and KTHV, the bust appeared badly damaged and its roof almost ripped off completely. In addition, the rear part of the bus was affected the most.

According to a news source – Troopers, the live Traffic was immediately jammed but, fortunately, all the remains and trash of the bus were collected by the morning and the traffic continued.

6 Killed in Arkansas Bus Crash, Hits Bridge Support
6 Killed in Arkansas Bus Crash, Hits Bridge Support

As per the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, three patients were sent for the treatment. Two released after receiving the required treatment, but the third one was in more critical condition and was admitted to the hospital.

The spokesman, Eric Weiss, from National Transportation Safety Board mentioned in a report that analysts have been sent to the crash site to explore about the crash in more detail.

“We are looking at different issues that may contribute to safety nationwide,” Weiss said.

The Regional Communications aBrigette Williams mentioned the bus had eight people who were unaffected by the crash.

She further said that the American Red Cross are treating the survivors with mental health services.

“As you can imagine, people are pretty shaken by this,” she said.

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Television station KTHV said on its Twitter feed Friday morning that the passengers were on a business trip. The station posted a photo showing a white bus with “Continental” in broad letters on the side being towed from the scene.

After a few investigation reports, they transpired that even took place alongside the intersection with U.S. 67-167 on Interstate 40 in the Little Rock area. It was a little confusing to change the lanes accordingly, one state that the respected driver could not keep up with his route lane and ran into the sideway.

Though, the case might further be investigated.

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