AlDub November 6: Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye Episode Video Recap

AlDub November 6: Eat BulagaKalyeSerye Episode Video Recap – Anything is accepted, but this noon-time show must not be missed, in case you did, we take you on a tour of what frenzy today’s episode had.  Today’s episode saw the two Grandmothers: Tinidora (Jose Manalo: Filipino actor) draped herself in a short outfit while Tidora (Paolo Ballesteros; Filipino actor) put on extra makeup. While the two were talking about TiyaBebeng’s visit.

While Lola Nidora (played by Filipino actor Wally Bayola), who arrives honking her car  looks irate, is dressed up differently. As Tinidora and Tidora try to placid her, Nidora refuses to listen to them and say it out that the two of them tried to put a bad impression during TiyaBebeng’s Visit, they convinced her that she doesn’t know anything about Sa TamangPanahon event and Alden Richards.

AlDub November 6

Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub November 5

She became rigid over saying she would make her decisions go back to adopting the dominating nature, also outlawed Pabebe. Also, put forward her Dubiety over AlDub performing together for the Saturday’s event.

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On enquiring about AlDub, Alden appeared imitating Elvis Presley, Whereas Yaya Dub emerged dressed  in a Madonna avatar. Tinidora and Tidora were filled with joy while Nidora looked disappointed.  She enquired the two of them as to who were they going to mimic on Saturday’s event. To which the two presented their indecisiveness, looking at this unrehearsed attitude she informed them not to perform any long. Yaya put her best foot forward to persuade Nidora’s decision but could not. Still AlDub made up their minds to be the partners for the performance and exchanged some dubsmash performances on Elvis and Madonna songs.

Eat Bulaga AlDub November 6

Tinidora and Tidora apologised for their actions and words  toNidora for their behavior during Tiya’s visit when Yaya Dub decided to seek help from the two.

Later, LolaNidora changed her mind and gave another thought over their performance and said that the AlDub should collaborate to enact as a couple. Also suggested some possibilities:

  • A: Barbie and Ken
  • B: Guy and Pip
  • C: Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber
  • D: None of the Above

If she selects D the performance would be abandoned signaled  LolaNidora. the show ended with a loud noise from the audience when she asked the studio audience for their choice.

Eat Bulaga AlDub November 6
Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub November 6

What do you think the next episode has in store?

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