Home Entertainment Siya Ke Ram 24 November 2015: Sita begins her education with Yagyavalkya as her guru.

Siya Ke Ram 24 November 2015: Sita begins her education with Yagyavalkya as her guru.


Siya Ke Ram 24 November 2015: Sita begins her education with Yagyavalkya as her guru-

Continuing from the last episode Gautam Maharishi tells Janak, this malediction on Ahilya would be undone one day one pure soul will reach her ashram, who would listen to her story and when he would touch her she will be freed of that curse but he says there is a reason it’s all ‘Niti’ and it has a reason behind, reason behind those words to come out, for that Raghuvanshi to meet Ahilya has a reason behind, time will tell this all.

While Sita’s sisters ask her if she was not scared of maharishi getting angry at her and cursing her, Sita with confidence replied,’ then a raghuvanshi would come to st me free from the curse too’.

Siya kay Ram, 24 November 2015, Sita,
Sita while replying to her sisters

After this incident Janak decides to send his girls to Maharishi Yagya valka’s gurukul for education.

Sunayana tells Janak that, ‘ whatever is needed for a girl to learn,  I am teaching them that, but what is the need to send them to ‘gurukul’ for education’, he tells her, ‘had they been your sons would you have stopped them from going?’.

sunayna tells him that it’s not good for a girl to be too educated or intelligent, Jank says it will help them know their good or bad, education makes a person independent and helps one to lead a life with esteem and its important for a girl to be skillful as well as educated. “will they have to live in gurukul “she asks .”Maharishi Yagyavalk would return our girls back by the evening”, he responded.

Siya kay Ram, 24 November 2015, Sita, Gautam Rishi
Sita looking up the sky while returning from the gurukul

While coming back from Gurukul, shrutkiti finds a peacock feather, other sisters ask her for feather while little one refused, while a rain drop falls from the sky, Sita holds it in her hand, and all the sisters start gazing the rain and end up seeing a peacock with its open feathers.

Sita starts dancing like a peacock with sisters joining her. looking at them the peacock who is first observing them later starts to dance along. as a result of which each sister gets a feather for herself.

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Siya Ke Ram 24 November 2015: Sita begins her education with Yagyavalkya as her guru.

Ram along with his brothers after completion of their education leaves from the gurukul back to their home Ayodhya, while mothers desperate to see their sons after many years is making them wait with their eyes out from the windows. Kaikayi is scared if Ram has not forgotten his mothers.

As Dasharath enters Sumitra asks him how long will the sons take to come, they should start the preparations to welcome them, before coming home they have to go to Smriti van , to pray to the ancestors, he said.

Siya kay Ram, 24 November 2015, Sita,
Ram returning to Ayodhya from Gurkul.

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While playing Urmila looses Mandavi’s new ball, Mandavi begins to cry and Urmila walks off teasing her while little ShrutiKirti tells her not to cry promising her that she would find the ball for her. Shrutkirti enters a room where a sword is kept, Sita goes in search of Shrutkirti and find out there was a snake around the sword in an attacking posture ready to attack Shrutkirti while Girls are  scared. Shrutkirti was trying to take the ball stuck below the sword The show comes to an end.

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