Bigg boss 9 Day 44 24 November- Tadka with Priya malik

 Bigg boss 9 Day 44 24 November-

The contestants  wake up to the song “Saat samunder paar”, Priya’s energetic wave brings a vibrant morning.

Priya and Rishabh are seen gelling in the morning when Priya is telling Rishabh about her tattoos on her shoulder and arms, especially her ‘Freedom’ tattoo which is her favorite which she got on her 26th b’day

Desi Twist in Bigg Boss 9 house.

, she also tells him that she has some more tattoos, which he won’t get the opportunity to see.



Prince and Rochelle are seen discussing that Rishabh by giving extra attention to the new entrant  is trying to be Priya’s favorite. Meanwhile, Priya through a story of Scorpio and frog, where Scorpio out of his basic nature stung frog who was helping him cross the river, pointing to Kieshwar that her basic nature is to dominate, she tells him to stay away from him as kieshwar is using him for her benefit.

Bigg boss later in the noon announces “Bigg boss dairy”- the luxury budget task, a task which would impact the coming nominations as well as the captaincy . Prince and Rimi as the team leaders, the contestants were divided into two teams: Rochelle, Kanwaljeet and Rishabh in the former’s team, while latter’s team includes Suyyash, Priya and Mandana. Kieshwar appointed as the sanchalak of the task.


To milk an electronic cow from three nozzles, the teams were to package the milk for final inspection. The team which will process the maximum milk packets will be declared as winner but only after  the Packed milk gets a clearance from the hygiene check.

Scene of the day, Priya accusing Rishabh of sexual actions

While Teams are pepped up for the task, the teams were to compete at the same time, while one gets hold of the cow’s udder and milk the cow the other one had to make efforts for other team to remove their hands.

 Bigg boss 9 Day 44 24 November

During the task Mandana and Kanjljeet indulge in a heated argument where Mandana abuses the old man, later he apologized to her. Priya’s hard efforts to get into limelight by being loud over Prince and Rishabh being physical was breaking the laws, took a different turn with the most hyped up tiff  of the day between Rishabh and Priya, when in an attempt to remove Priya’s hand Rishabh licks her fingers Priya stops him from being Physical as this is disgusting, to which he replied that is not being physical, later she remarks after Kanwajeet’s nasty provocation that, instead he is being sexual!

Teams at war to spoil the others task.

The BB9 season for the first time witnessed the contestant doing task in full form, including Rimi. Priya used her mind when to increase the quantity in milk packets she told her team to mix water in it.

Rochelle, Suyyash and Mandana are seen having a good laugh after Mandana if kicked by the cow.

Priya is seen boosting  Prince and Rishabh over their dependence on Kieshwar and suggests them to be bold and play their individual games.

The day ends with Prince telling his friends about his birthday, to which all contestants get together for a group hug!

Looks like the boring regular Dal has got the tadka Priya to the sorted bigg boss contestants.

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