Tamasha Review- Litmus Test For The Movie

Tamasha review: litmus test for the movie-

  • Director: Imtiaz Ali
  • Actors: Ranbir Kapoor As Ved, Deepika Padukone As Tara, Javed Sheikh As Ved’s Father
  • Music director: A. R. Rahman
  • Cinematography: S. Ravi Verman
  • Running Time: 135 minutes
  • Budget : 61 crore
  • Distributor: UTV picture
  • Genre: Romantic, Drama

Movie Rating:    3.5 stars for Tamasha

Bringing spice to boring dull life and then eventually being hit by the cupid, then separation changing the lives of the two and yes! getting back together. sounds new doesn’t it?

This is not for the first time Imtiaz Ali has presented us with an akin framework, with his movies Socha- Na- Tha (2005) Ahista- Ahista (2006), Jab We Met (2007) , Love Aj Kal(2009), Rockstar (2011).

Tamasha Movie Riview

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Movie Synopsis:

Tamasha; as one would have understood from the trailers is derived Shakespearean monologue, ‘All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players’. The actors showcase the play ‘Romeo-Juliet’ with a new touch in the movie eventually creating one of their own? well, you need to watch for this.

The story is about Ved who struggles to keep up to his pragmatic father, Ved completely opposite of his creative and fun nature is forced by the father to study engineering, landing him to a conventional job. Ved’s dream of becoming a theatre artist shatters.


Tamasha review: litmus test for the movie-

His life changes during his less than a week vacation to Corsica, France. He meets Tara who is free spirited while both decide to lie and have fun with each other.The fun and the verbal foreplay is quite Juvenile but who cares when the two good looking former couple is doing it.

Things change when Tara leaves Corsica realizing that she actually is in love with that stranger. The two again meet in Delhi, while Tara fails to relate to Ved as he is not the same person who he was during the vacation in France.

Things get a shift when Tara decides to move over him, and then what happens to Ved is quite unexpected, Ranbir portrays a beautiful display  of his acting.

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A Clip From The Song Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai.

Not to miss Miss Padukone whose presence is spell bounding on screen. she is riveting besides her character lacking fineness. Director could have delivered a better cult to his fans though his current product does a fine enough job.

Wondering if you should Watch the movie?  umm… Movie appearing to be cliché at the times.Yet, I guess it is worth giving a shot, not just for Deepika’s performance, the scene where she is at the Airport part Happy and part Sad, she is just flawless. Ranbir who showcases magnificent shift from being boring Project Manager to a maverick in Corsica and then back to the original.

For Indian audiences songs are must you could visit your nearest theatres to enjoy music, which is ruling the chartbusters.

Imtiaz Ali has made an attempt to explore questions about, the meaning of one’s existence, where to explore oneself? The whole idea about following your heart or the world?.

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This time it is ‘Tamasha’, same spice with a prodigious touch of Imtiaz Ali, This surely is going to go well with the college and young audiences.


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