Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2015 Written Updates

Here are the written updates of Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2015 episode 426. In today’s episode, Nikhil told Abhi that he love Sonali and couldn’t able to marry Aaliya as he made a promise to her. Abhi said it was okay and appreciated his thought. Dadi asked Pragya why did she have doubt on Nikhil. Pragya replied that every time Nikhil came here, he keep close to Tanu. Dadi said they were back from where they started. She said they have to search for the same.

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2015
Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2015

Bulbul called Pragya and said that they would be reaching soon. Pragya told her that Nikhil loves didn’t love Aaliya. Pragya said they would meet that day at evening time. Aaliya told that Nikhil had beautifully managed the situation. Tanu said she was like she would blackout and couldn’t able to  breathe. Aaliya said Nikhil was very lucid like them and that’s why they have to be careful. She asked Tanu that to meet him and persuade Nikhil that she would marry him after having divorced with Abhi. Tanu said she don’t  want to marry him. Aaliya started to bring confidence in her. Pragya talking to god and thinking why did she doubt Nikhil. Abhi records her video.

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Pragya thinking of the solution for solving the Tanu’s mystery. Abhi told a poetry and said anyone in this world could read her face easily. He said she had fallen in love with him with everything she has. Pragya asked him to try some new tricks to get her in trouble. Abhi said he know that she would react like this and said he have a proof. He showed the video and lipreads the words.

Pragya shocked. Abhi asked what she was asking from the God. Pragya said she was cursing. Abhi said when anyone was in love, then they keep on doing unusual things. Pragya asked whey he was creating trouble for her. Abhi said he asked to told just three words. Pragya leaves. She talked to Payal and her complained Pragya for Ronnie. Pragya called Ronnie and scolded him. Abhi arrived and said they would get their service. He brings juice for her. Ronnie thought Abhi thinking to do something.

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2015 Episode 426

Payal smiling while looking at them. Abhi asked her to leave. Pragya asked to drink the juice and said they have gone mad. After that Abhi though where was Mogambo and thought of brought her back to the room. Tanu told that she wanted to talk him. She hold his hand and took him inside.

Abhi said if Pragya saw them together then she would think that he was double crossing her. Tanu said she was not smart as they and showed the document to be signed by Pragya. Abhi said he couldn’t take these papers right now and asked her to keep them safe with her. He said Pragya was curved like a jalebi and asked her to leave and though for the plan. They saw Pragya coming and asked her to hide.

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2015 Written Updates

Sarla said what was wrong if Nikhil wants to marry someone else. Bulbul said he has ruined the plan. Sarla asked what was the plan now. Purab said they wanted to saw Aaliya’s reaction and added if she marries then their way would have been evacuated. Sarla asked him to find a good person to marry Aaliya. She went to brought laddos for all.

Pragya arrived in the room saw Abhi signing at the wall. She said he was talking the wall and asked if he had gone mad. She said he need to go to the doctor for the check up. Abhi replied that the doctor was not treating him and ignored his pain and love.

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Pragya thought he had started the same thing again and thought of changing the room. Abhi asked her to hug and said he would be absolutely fine after the touch therapy. Pragya said she could treat with thorns but not love. Abhi asked her hug. Tanu gets jealous of this tried to divert the conversion. Pragya heard the voice when the documents fall on the floor.

Abhi asked why she was not understanding the feelings and said he was trying to make her realized of his feelings. He hugged her forcefully for Tanu to get out of the room. Pragya asked have he gone mad. He would have died. She said he hugged her without the permission. She would not forgive him.

That’s all for today’s episode. Stay tuned with us for further Kumkum Bhagya written updates.

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