Yeh hai mohabbatein 27 November 2015: why is Ishita jealous?

Yeh hai mohabbatein 27 November 2015

Toshi Bhalla is acting indifferent towards  Sarika and her child Rohit when Sarika asks Toshi to look after him as she was getting late for work.Toshi refuses saying that she does not want to get into any of her affairs and Rohit is her responsibility.while she smartly hands over Rohit to Ishita’s mother who had come to ask her for a recipe.

Yeh hai mohabbatein 27 November 2015, Yeh hai mohabbatein
Yeh hai mohabbatein 27 November 2015- jealous Ishita

Ishita is fighting with the Ruhi’s teacher’s boyfriend who is accusing Raman for coming on a date with a single woman, things are getting confusing when Raman’s clarifications are not being heard and Ruhi’s teacher who is pretending to be Raman’s date is not revealing the truth. things settle when Mohit proposes the lady ie: Ruhi’s Teacher, as she accepts it she reveals that it was her plan so as to make Mohit jealous.

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Apologising for her act, she said that she would take care of Ruhi’s Projects as she is an intelligent student.

In the Meanwhile, Pathak comes to the office and forces Mihir to sign some papers, on reading that those papers are “Power of Attorney” papers, Mihir refuses as Raman was not in the office and he won’t sign. Pathak looses his cool, saying that ‘it’s ok if you don’t want t sign’, he says ‘I am the most loyal member of this company and he is jealous of him because Raman cares for him more. Mihir firmly tells him to leave his office.

Yeh hai mohabbatein 27 November 2015

Driving back in car embarrassed Vandhu and Ishita are texting each other and Raman is enjoying this scenario. breaking the silence he asked Ishita if she was jealous, Ishita puts the blame on her sister saying that she said “all men are like that,all want to experiment”.

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As they arrive Raman meets Baala who is taking care of Rohit. he asks him if everything is alright between him and Vandhu suggests him to take her out for dinner. as he is also taking Ishita for dinner to SurajKund

Vandhu is worried over Bala’s new work project as she finds his work and loan approval to be really fishy and suggests him to seek Raman’s advice as he has more experience in matters of bank .

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Ishita is seen discussing her problem with Simi, she worried that Raman could be attacked on the way to the restaurant as that place is isolated and located out of Delhi.while Raman is excited for the dinner date, Ishita calls Shagun to tell her the same.shagun tells her to enjoy and she will ask Abhishekh to follow hem, they will be safe.

Ishita feels relaxed and goes on to get ready for the special evening.

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