Siya Ke Ram 27 November 2015 : what is the statue on Kaushalya’s bed?

Siya Ke Ram 27 November 2015 : what is the statue on Kaushalya’s bed?

Sita urges to go to the battleground for the treatment of the hurt soldiers not just their army also of the rival’s army. Janak tells her children are not allowed to go to the battles, and they will try their best that no battle happens.

Siya kay Ram, 26November 2015, Sita,
Siya Ke Ram 27 November

Manthra  rudely tells Kaikeyi to settle down and behave like a queen.Kaikeyi replies to her that she is a servant and she should behave like Ram comes she stops him by saying that queen is resting, listening to this Kaikeyi madly runs and asks him to stop. she embraces him and asks where were rest of his brothers? Ram said’Bharat is scared of confronting her. Ram goes to get Bharat when he comes out Kaikeyi is comparing Bharat with Ram over everything and Bharat is Sinking every time.

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she takes Ram into the room while Bharat is left behind, Ram greets Manthra by calling her Dadimaa, while she recalls the time when the little princes had hit her with stones. while Ram who was not a part of act came forward to take the blame. Ram again apologised for the act not done.


Kaikeyi tells them to meet Kaushalya, as they left Manthra tells her to stop comparing Bharat with Ram and prevents her from looking into Ram’s eyes- which are so mystical that one would only love him.

siya ke ram
Sita consoling her sisters

Mandavi and Shrutkirti are worried about their father being injured.Sita is consoling them by saying that she prays for him every day therefore nothing will happen to him. She takes them to the balcony and show a shooting star saying a wish is fulfilled if one asks something from a shooting star.

Siya Ke Ram
Siya Ke Ram 27 November: Kaushalya on seeing ram

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Kaushalya is in pain as the boys came to meet her last, Ram tells her that she has only taught him to look after feelings of the others, therefore his brothers feelings are his priority .contrary to Kaikeyi, Kaushalya is loving Bharat most calling him calm in nature just like her.

while all are excited and expressing their feelings all of their eyes falls onto the statue of a girl placed on kaushalya’s bed. Kaushalya becomes unease and is not able to make eye contact with Ram.


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