Addison Rae In The Hospital, Drowned & Jumped Off A Bridge Rumors Surface The Internet

Addison Rae Hospital Drown Dead Or Alive Pregnant

Is Addison Rae Dead or Alive? Is She Rushed To The Hospital? Has She Drowned After Jumping-Off Of A Cliff? The rumors have been troubling the fans for a long time. Read as we break the rumors into pieces and how they originated in the first place.

Rae’s fans on Twitter are having a fight with the people claiming that Addison is pregnant, hospitalized, drowned, and jumped off of a cliff. Internet celebrities have to face such rumors regularly because there are a plethora of people hating the stars already.

The title of a social media influencer comes with a lot of responsibility, from encouraging the audience to do the right thing and building a community of dedicated followers.

This is how social media personalities become an easy target to spread false news about and degrade their fame.

People on Twitter have been posting news about Addison Rae being pregnant, hospitalized, and drowned after jumping off a bridge.

Addison Rae Is In Hospital, Drowned, Pregnant Rumors

The reason Addison Rae rushed to the hospital rumors have swarmed the internet is that the star has not posted/shared anything on TikTok or Instagram for a few days now.

So it becomes easy for netizens to speculate that Addison Rae is in a hospital or pregnant or drowned. Her absence has allowed for a lot of theories to emerge. Well, she also has a personal life outside social media, right?

Addison Rae Hospital Drown Dead Or Alive Pregnant
Addison Rae In The Hospital, Is Addison Rae In Hospital, Addison Rae Drowning, Addison Rae Jumped Off A Bridge

About her pregnancy rumors, people have gone far to accuse that Bryce Hall has stated that Addison’s pregnant in one of his videos. It is entirely false.

The rumors resurfaced after another TikTok star Nessa Barrett was questioned about the same in an interview with The Hollywood Fix. To which she replied with, “I don’t think so.”

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Is Addison Rae Dead or Alive? What happened to Addison Rae?

Nothing has happened to Addison Rae. She is alive and in excellent health.

A news website Channel22News has spread false death rumors about Addison Rae.

Addison Rae Hospital Dead or Alive, Hospital, Drowned, Jumped Off A Bridge
Addison Rae Hospital Dead or Alive, Hospital, Drowned, Jumped Off A Bridge Rumors

Did Addison Rae Drown/Suicide? Addison Rae Drowning & Jumping Off A Bridge Rumor

No, Addison Rae did not drown, nor she jumped off a bridge. The same website, Channel22News spread the rumor.

Even if the rumors were to be accurate, the death of such a big star would break the internet. And no confirmation from her official team has come so far about the incident claimed by many users.

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Twitter Reaction on Addison Rae Rumors

Rae’s fans are angry with the ongoing rumors – a take on her name and fame.

The fans have slammed the tweets and comments of many users who are trying to defame the personality and spreading false rumors.

One user said: “Why is every one of you saying Addison Rae is pregnant that’s gross and disgusting to hear everyone has a stomach so stop body-shaming it’s disgusting.”

Take a deep breath, nothing has happened to our lovely Addison Rae.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates.

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  1. Hello my name is kahmyla I thought it was wrong for her to do that because she has fans and family and friends that love her to death I even get to that i tried so many times and my mom would always say did you forget there is people that love you and i got over it but it comes back once and awhile.I want her too think before her acting i tried to come to that point where nobody likes me.I am going though the same things people bullying me, body-shaming me, telling me I need to die but i let that get to me that i forget about everything so I want you to stay happy & still in this world fans,family,friends need you you make then happy this is for you @Addison Rea and her mom @Sheri Easterling please text me when you get the time and if they want my number just tell me.I am here NO MATTER WHAT even if her past was bad leave it in the past AND STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.Addison we LOVE U

  2. Hi my name is Brookalyn and I just seen a video of someone talking about her drowning and I wanted to know what was going on!


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