Is Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sister Married To Dr Fauci? Christine Grady Sisters: Fact Check

Ghislaine Maxwell Sister Married to Dr Fauci
Ghislaine Maxwell Sister Married to Dr Fauci, DeAnna Loraine deleted tweet

DeAnna Lorraine, a member of the Republican Party, had posted a tweet claiming that Dr. Fauci’s wife is Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister. Since then, everybody has been searching for Dr. Fauci’s spouse, who is Dr. Fauci married to? Is Christine Grady related to Christine/Ghislaine Maxwell? Read as we break down the facts.

DeAnna is an avid Twitter user, she usually posts on controversial topics around the globe and the information shared is wrong most of the time. Check is the information shared by DeAnna – Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister married to Dr. Fauci true?

Is Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sister Christine Maxwell Married to Dr. Anthony Fauci?

No, Dr. Fauci is not married to Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister. He is married to Christine Grady. Dr. Fauci & Ghislaine has no connection.

Ghislaine’s sister name is Christine Maxwell. She and Dr. Fauci’s wife have the same initial name – Christine. That’s what caused the confusion to erupt between the two.

Lorraine tweeted, “BREAKING: Dr. Fauci’s WIFE is Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister! And the plot thickens. I knew my instincts were right about Facui. RETWEET! #FollowTheWives.”

Take a look at the deleted tweet that Anna Lorraine posted on Ghislaine Maxwell Sister Fauci.

Ghislaine Maxwell Sister Married to Dr Fauci
Ghislaine Maxwell Sister Married to Dr Fauci, DeAnna Lorraine deleted tweet

The re-constructed Wikipedia page states that “Fauci is married to Ghislane Maxwe…” Notice her name, it should be spelled Ghislaine but it is written as Ghislane, which confirms the fact that it is done by some non-authoritative person.

She deleted the tweet after acknowledging that the facts were wrong. She tweeted:-

Ghislaine’s sister Christine Maxwell is married to Roger Malina, an American physicist and astronomer. Take a look at her Wikipedia page.

Christine Maxwell Wikipedia Page - Not Related to Dr Fauci
Christine Maxwell Wikipedia Page – Not Related to Dr. Fauci

A speedy look at Dr. Fauci’s Wikipedia page will reveal that he is married to Christine Grady and not Maxwell.

Is Christine Grady Related to Christine Maxwell? Christine Grady Sisters Details

The tweet raises another question and that is what if Christy Grady is related to Christine Maxwell? Could that be possible?

According to sources available online, Christine grew up with four siblings in New Jersey and none of them are related to the medical field.

Grady told NIH in 1997, “When we were children, I can remember at young ages going on civil rights marches and things like that, because my parents took us there. We did not know what they were really about, because at the time, although I was older than some of my brothers and sisters, I was not that old. Some of those things did not register directly then, but I think they had an impact later on. So I have always been interested— again, there was my parents’ influence—in social issues.”

Conclusion: The changes are very slim that Christine Grady is anyhow related to Christine Maxwell. It is only possible if Ghislaine’s father got drunk and had sex with Grady’s mom and then forgot it ever happened.

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DeAnna Lorraine ran for election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 12th Congressional District. And lost in the primary elections held on March 3, 2020.

If you have any information regarding the story or you want to know deeper into the Ghislaine Maxwell Sister Fauci, then drop a comment below.

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