Andrea Mitchell Attacked During DC Protest: Who is She? Watch Viral Video

Andrea Mitchell Attacked Who is She Net Worth Brain Tumor
Andrea Mitchell Attacked Who is She Net Worth Brain Tumor

NBC Journalist Andrea Mitchell was almost attacked by a protestor in Washington, DC on Tuesday afternoon. The area is currently named “Black Hous Autonomous Zone” by the Black Lives Matter protestors. The area lies between H Street and Vermont Avenue in D.C.

Protestors intended to create a police-free zone in front of White House, similar to “Seattle Autonomous Zone” encompassing six blocks near downtown. But the DC protestors failed miserably as Trump along with Police charged them away.

While Andrea was standing close to the House of Representative Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and doing an interview, a person wearing only bra and panties ran ferociously towards her. The security team caught the guy beforehand he could do any damage to Andrea Mitchell.

Mitchell was not broadcasting the interview at that time. However, a video recording was captured with a smartphone camera.

After the incident, Andrea was saddened and she only asked, “Where’s the Police?”. Watch Andrea Mitchell attacked video.

Who Was Planned To-Be attacked – Holmes or Mitchell?

It is currently a matter of debate whether the protestor targeted to attack Mitchell or Holmes. Some say it was Mitchell and some Holmes.

From the social media point of view, both personalities are regarded as liberals.

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Who is Andrea Mitchell? Does she have a Brain Tumor?

Andrea Mitchell Attacked Who is She Net Worth Brain Tumor
Andrea Mitchell Attacked Who is She Net Worth Brain Tumor

Andrea Mitchell, 73 years old, is an American TV journalist working for NBC News for decades.  During her run, she has exposed and talked on multiple controversial topics related to politics and race.

She is also an author, her book is titled Talking Back… to Presidents, Dictators, and Assorted Scoundrels.

Andrea Mitchell Brain Tumor: The news circulating on twitter and platforms is fake. She does not have a brain tumor.

Andrea Mitchell Net Worth: She is worth $5 Million.

Check out some Twitter reactions to Andrea Mitchell attacked in DC.

Stay tuned with TCD for more news on Andrea Mitchell.

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