Anonymous Leaks Michael Jackson Spoke About His Fear Of Being Killed Over Phone Call To Dieter Wiesner

Anonymous Leaks Michael Jackson Was Murdered/Killed: Dieter Wiesner Call Recording
Anonymous Leaks Michael Jackson Was Murdered/Killed: Dieter Wiesner Call Recording

The known hacktivist group Anonymous is on a releasing/leaking spree of some of the best-kept secrets in the world. Recently, they released an audio recording, being considered, as a phone call of Michael Jackson. Earlier, the hacking-activist organization has revealed several names associated with Jeffrey Epstein.

In the alleged call recording, we can hear one person saying – ‘they want to get rid of me’. It has been leaked on nearly all social networks by now. The life and death of King of Pop, Jackson has always been surrounded by great mysteries. Instead of getting resolved, they grew over time.

And, now, it has surpassed a whole new level as in the leaked audio, Jackson says that a group of people wants to get rid of him. The hacking organization Anonymous has come into the spotlight once again. It seems that the death of George Floyd has made them return and uncover the hidden secrets of the past.

The hacktivist group started leaking information starting with the US government. Then, it moved to unveil the names linked to millionaire businessman Jeffrey Epstein. He has been charged with several cases of child abuse, rapes, and human sex trafficking. The list included the likes of Donald Trump, Naomi Campbell, The Royal Family of the UK who allegedly murdered Princess Diana, and others.

Now, they have reached to Michael Jackson who appears to be talking to his attorney Dieter Wiesner. It is said that this call happened a day before the death of Jackson. If it is true, it reveals that he knew what could happen to him and he was afraid of the same. The published audio is available below. You can hear both of them talking.

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In the alleged phone call, Jackson can be heard saying that they could shoot him, they could stab him, or they could even make it look like he had an overdose of drugs. Hear yourself below.

It also suggests that the interpreter of Billie Jean would have come across the pedophilia network and those who were involved in it. In addition, Anonymous has said that celebrities like Princess Diana, Kurt Cobain, Paul Walker, Chester Bennington, Avicii, Marilyn Monroe, MJ, and Chris Cornell found out this criminal network and subsequently died from suicide or accident just before reporting.

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Meanwhile, the case of George Floyd has become more complicated after the latest autopsy report of a medical examiner’s team. It says that the African-American man died due to suffocation. It happened because of keeping the knee by Chauvin on Floyd’s neck against the ground for almost nine minutes.

This report contradicts the official version of the report made by the authorities. According to that, the 44-year-old man died because of consuming fentalin. His previous pathologies would have supported it, but the new report made by the examiner hired by his family tells a completely different story.

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  1. Anonymous ‘leaks’ a lot of bullshit, I’m sorry to say. MJ is most assuredly alive and well. Just ask President Trump.


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