CarryMinati Crosses 20 Million Subscribers on YouTube After Amit Bhadana: Will Surpass Soon

CarryMinati Crosses 20 Million Subscribers on YouTube After Amit Bhadana
CarryMinati Crosses 20 Million Subscribers on YouTube After Amit Bhadana

The ‘Roast King of India’, CarryMinati has crossed the mark of 20 million subscribers mark on his YouTube channel. Amit Bhadana became the first individual Indian YouTuber to cross 20 M subs mark on May 26, 2020. One week later, CarryMinati hits the golden mark on June 2nd.

It seems that CarryMinati is busy shooting his latest video ‘Yalgaar’ as he has not released any statement on his Twitter or Instagram accounts regarding the big achievement. However, fans are going crazy congratulating him on Twitter with the hashtag #20MForCarry and #CarryMinati trending in India.

Ajey Nagar, the face behind CarryMinati, released the Yalgaar trailer last week while sitting at 18.2 Million subscribers. The channel is undoubtedly growing at an exponential rate, 2 Million subs in one week is no joke. It comes at a cost though, the last month has been tough for the Roast King as his record-breaking video got deleted from YouTube.

Ajey Nagar posted a video “YouTube vs TikTok: The End” on May 5th, 2020, in which he spoke on the ongoing rivalry between TikTok and YouTube content creators at the time. This TikTok vs YouTube controversy resulted in the takedown of Ajey’s video on May 15th, 2020 which went on to collect several records under its title, like:-

  • Most Liked Indian YouTube Video
  • Most Comments In A Day
  • Most Subscribers Gained In A Day And Week
  • Fastest To Reach 1M, 2M, 5M Likes all over the world, and many more.

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CarryMinati Crosses 20 Million Subscribers on YouTube After Amit Bhadana
CarryMinati Crosses 20 Million Subscribers on YouTube After Amit Bhadana

It came as a shocking surprise to Ajey’s attention, to the fans and the entire Indian You-Tube community that the record-breaking video is deleted from the platform citing it didn’t comply with ‘Terms & Conditions’. But history was to be made once again by CarryMinati with his next video.

Carry dropped his next video “Stop Making Assumptions” the following week explaining how the incident broke him, he couldn’t sleep and the agonizing trauma he through for the subsequent 2 days. (check: top 10 most liked Indian videos on YouTube.)

Fans & Indian YouTube community supported the artist as they couldn’t see tears rolling down the eyes of their favorite ‘Roast King’ star. CarryMinati did it for the 2nd time, this video also set new records like Fastest To Reach 1 Million Likes (under 47 minutes) and Most Liked Indian YouTube Video.

CarryMinati Gained 10+ Million Subscribers In A Month

CarryMinati benefited largely from the YouTube vs TikTok controversy as he initially had 10.2 Million subscribers on his channel prior to publishing the ‘The End’ video. During the entire time of Youtube vs TikTok feud, his subscriber counts were increasing day by day at an exponential rate.

Another achievement added to Carry’s long list of records – doubling his fan base from 10 Million to 20 Million under a month. (check: top 10 most disliked videos on YouTube of all time.)

CarryMinati vs Amit Bhadana

As of now, Amit has 20.4 million subscribers on his comedy YouTube channel while Carryminati has just got past 20 million mark. It looks like Carry Minati will surpass Bhadana soon.

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