Anonymous Links Jeffrey Epstein Case to Donald Trump, Naomi Campbell: List Has Royal Family and Others

Anonymous Links Donald Trump, Naomi Campbell To Jeffrey Epstein Case: List Includes Bill Clinton and Others
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Anonymous has leaked a set of documents linking numerous powerful names in the United States of America (USA) to the Jeffrey Epstein case. The list includes Naomi Campbell, President Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Alec Baldwin, Bernie Eccleston, Ivanka Trump, and others. You can check the required set of names, videos, and images below.


Anonymous is probably the largest hacker-activist group. It has resurfaced after three years of lying low. Maybe the killing of George Floyd, a black African-American at the hands of a white American (Minneapolis Policeman) forced them to reappear. With reappearing, they took down or hacked the website of the said police.

Besides this, they posted a video protesting the murder of George Floyd. Along with it, they released a compilation video of such inhuman treatment done by the police personnel/officials to the black people in the country. After a while, the hacker organization leaked new documents.

One of those publications included an alleged list of celebrities and VIPs who are probably linked to late businessman Jeffrey Epstein. In 2008, he was accused of child abuse and sex trafficking. However, he was found dead in his prison cell.

Anonymous Links Donald Trump, Naomi Campbell To Jeffrey Epstein Case: List Includes Bill Clinton and Others

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Since then, Trump has been saying that he barely knew the man even when several photos and videos have been leaked suggesting Donald Trump and Epstein were closer than we are told. Moreover, Epstein and Trump have been accused of rape. The victim filed an application in the court. If it turns out to be true, it could mean the end of Trump’s office and even worse.

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Anonymous Links Naomi Campbell and Donald Trump To Jeffrey Epstein: #Riot2020 Trends on Twitter
Anonymous Links Naomi Campbell and Donald Trump To Jeffrey Epstein: #Riot2020 Trends on Twitter

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The said document was also leaked, but the name of the victim was not revealed. However, we got to know that she was just a mere 13-years-old at that time. Meanwhile, the list mentioned above contains the names of several entrepreneurs, models, actors, and even royalty – the Duke of York.

Anonymous also allegedly said that the people in power killed Jeffrey Epstein to cover-up his story of child trafficking and rape. The said documents are available here. You can find the link to those publications below.


Some noteworthy names on the 91-page list are:

  • Donald and Ivanka Trump,
  • The Royal Family and Princess (Lady) Diana
  • former Colombian President Andés Pastrana,
  • Naomi Cambell,
  • Bernie Ecleston,
  • former director of Formula 1, Alec Baldwin,
  • “Charlie Althorp”, an identity attributed to Charles Spencer,
  • Viscount Althorp
  • Lady Di’s brother
  • The Kennedys (Ted, Bobby, Edward, Andrew, Mary, Ethel, Jo)
  • Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of State)
  • Prince Andrew (his exploits are well-known)
  • David Koch (deceased multi-billionaire owner of Koch Industries)
  • Nick & Thomas Pritzker (members of the “15th wealthiest family in the world.”)
  • Clive Bannister (investor, Museum of London chairman)
  • Hannah & Jessica Rothschild (members of the Rothschild family, one of the wealthiest families on Earth)
  • Chris Forbes (Vice Chairman of Forbes Publishing Company)
  • Mark Getty (Member of billionaire Getty Family, Chairman of Getty Images)
  • Will Smith (actor, rapper)
  • Mick Jagger (lead singer of the Rolling Stones)
  • Courtney Love (singer)
  • Bobby Slayton (comedian, actor)
  • Joan Rivers (comedian, actor)
  • Michael Jackson (singer)
  • Rupert Wainwright (actor, director)
  • Minnie Driver (actress)
  • Christy Turlington (model)
  • George Hamilton (actor)
  • John Cleese (actor, comedian)
  • Jacques Villeneuve (racecar driver)

Producer Kevin Spacey, formally charged with sexual assault, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Ted and Edward Kennedy are names also on the 91-page list.


  1. Please correct Michael Jackson. It is already known that it was a lawyer, not the singer. I did not see instances of Will Smith, the actor, either.


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