Apple iPhone 7 Specifications, Features, Price, and Release Date: The device will be available in September

Apple iPhone 7: Apple is back again, to strike the market with iPhone 7. Being buzzed around, the new version is expected to hit the markets in early September and with this, the hype surrounding the next generation smartphones has also resurfaced.

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Well, it has been kind of ritual for the tech giant to release the new product in the initial September, so that they can witness the high sales, enjoying the profits at year dawns. As the new month inches closer, the online buzz that this year it would certainly be iPhone 7 has resurfaced. Though any such announcement by the official of the Apple is still awaited.

Here a summary of what the tech experts and others have to say regarding the same, considering the several images that have leaked. Well, netizens have rumours saying that smartphone will be released by in the week commencing on September 12, or the previous one.

Apple iPhone 7 Specifications
Apple iPhone 7 Specifications

Apple iPhone 7 Specifications, Price, and Release Date

Other than this, though it is totally apparent that the new smart device will be labelled “iPhone 7”, the company might go for “iPhone 6 SE” as well. The rumour of name being the later one has steamed up from the German tech news site.

It says the Chinese supply chains claim to have seen finished packaging under the label with the name. Still, taking the history associated with account, Apple will release the new device in September 2016.

With Apple always know for the efficiency of its device, rumours surrounding the new handset is that it will have a USB Type C connection, doubling up as the new headphone slot and charger slot. Thus no 3.5mm headphone slot this time.

Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7

Now the design is most likely to stay as that of iPhone 6, though the 3D renders would change from Space Grey colour to the Space Black finish. Also, the phone will accompany a larger camera lens, probably dual lens with a more powerful sensor. Also, the antenna lines have been moved across to the top and bottom of the phone from the back.

Another piece of rumour, exciting the Apple fans is the disappearance of the Home button from the front of the gadget. Along with that, the display could be OLED screens, with the phone being waterproof as rumours suggest.

Coming to the price, Apple seems quite contented in pulling out the lower 16GB version out of the production line this time. Analysing the demands, the customers usually demand 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage model. This might keep Apple from making 16GB model, coming out with the 32GB base model.

If so, then the price will stick around £619 ($ 814) for the 64 GB model and for 128GB model it would be £699 ($918)

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