The Basic Standards to Expect from an Online Casino

The Basic Standards to Expect from an Online Casino
The Basic Standards to Expect from an Online Casino

With the growth of this genre of gaming, there has been a proliferation of online gaming and casino sites. However, the secret is not to settle for just any site, so here are some minimum standards that you should look for in an online casino.

Safety and Security

The most basic standard of any online entertainment or gaming platform must be the requirement to provide the gamer or player with a safe and protected environment to play in. There must be clear protection from all forms of cyber-crime, and the site should state what these are from the outset.

Licensing and Registration

Look immediately at the bottom of the webpage or landing site, and there should be a notice of registration or licensing. Online casinos may have gained some social credibility, but you should still only be playing at sites that are legal and registered as such in the location in which you play.

Top Well-Known Game Brands

So, when you’re looking through the options of where to play and trying to work out which reviewers understand online casinos best, you need to look out for the top and best-known game developers. If the site that you are considering has top game developers such as Netent, BetSoft, Realtime Gaming, IGT, and Thunderkick, then you are in the right place.

These are the best-known online game creators, and it will mean that the site is genuine and also that you will be able to play the same games as can be found in some of the best bricks-and-mortar casinos. Also, look to see if there are any house games (games developed by the specific casino itself); this shows that the online casino you’re looking at generates enough revenue and has committed to the sector by developing its own range of games.

Promotions and Bonuses

It is common knowledge that the best online casinos have daily offers and promotions. These also allow for a certain amount of free play and, as such, should be on your radar when looking to register or play at a new online casino. The crux, however, is to ensure that these offers are genuine, and you shouldn’t have to sign up and deposit before they become available.

Look for no-deposit promotions, and then you will need to check what the promotions and bonus offer restrictions are. Will you be able to keep the winnings from the free tickets, spins or chips? And if so, how much will you have to wager before the winnings can be withdrawn? These are the pieces of fine print that you must be looking for and asking their customer service or chatbots for answers to.

Ease of Transactions

No one wants to have any issues, whether depositing or withdrawing any money that you have used to play at the online casino. There must be an ease of transaction, and this must be explained and understood from the get-go. It is also the one thing that anyone who has already played at the online casino will have remembered and written a review on.

It is just natural that if you’ve had a bad experience, especially with regard to a financial transaction, then you’d want to share. So, make sure to check the independent online customer reviews to ensure that you are in the right casino, and any hint of issues that others have had should be a red flag.

Customer Support and Service

Linked to the ease at which you can transact, deposit, and withdraw your money at the online casino is the availability of 24/7 365 customer and player support. There must be support and a professional level of customer service whenever the casino is open, and if it’s available online 24/7, then so too must the customer service and support be available. Steer well clear of those platforms that have a frequently asked questions page that masquerades as customer support.


There should be transparency as to who has won the ongoing promotions and perhaps even a video or comment from the winners. Also, transparency as to the Return to player percentages (RTP) that are available on the games available to play. Most online casinos already do this, and it should be a basic requirement. The more information that you have as to the games and the online casino itself, the easier it will be to make an informed decision as to where you want to play and the precise games you‘d like to try.

These are the basics that you should expect from the online casino that you choose to play at. Keep in mind that the online casino sector has recently seen an explosion in gaming and gambling platforms and the proliferation of online casinos. This makes it a gamers’ market, so to speak, and the choice means that you should never settle for an online casino that isn’t exactly what you want.

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