4 New Games You Can Try Through Their Digitized Versions

4 New Games You Can Try Through Their Digitized Versions
4 New Games You Can Try Through Their Digitized Versions

Getting into something new isn’t always easy, not only because of your mentality and the involvement that comes with stepping outside of your comfort zone, but also because of the physical accessibility. Life is busy, and between your professional life and the responsibilities that come with your personal life, finding the time to properly interact with new hobbies can be more of a commitment than you’re able to give.

So, a way of bridging the gap, and helping you to understand the prospective hobbies that you want to pursue, is to try out their digitized versions wherever available. In the modern world, it’s becoming increasingly possible for video games and simulations to capture the experience without you needing to interact with these interests as you once would.


With as much coverage as football tournaments get these days, it’s no surprise that public interest tends to peak around these times when the divide between a fan and non-fan is blurred. However, as much as you might want to get involved with this yourself, it might be something that requires you to have enough like-minded friends who can get involved to get the most out of it. You might well have this ability, and you can always consider joining local clubs if you want to get serious, perhaps as a means of including exercise in your schedule, but you might not be able to at the same time.

In this case, your attention might turn to the incredibly popular video games in the FIFA franchise, released annually and regularly seeing a large amount of player interest. However, to start enjoying the game in the first place, several roadblocks may deter you. Firstly, there is the initial expense of the console (if not already owned). This is followed by the game itself, which may well need to be the latest edition for your friends to play along with you. That being said, the upside is that you get to experience a way of playing the game that can help you unwind after a long day of work.

Slot Games

Your main familiarity with slot games might be through their appearance in certain rooms at pubs or bars, or perhaps through casinos if your interest has ever gone beyond that former example. However, both might represent times where you might be out and about due to some occasion, where the game comes second to the social experience. If your interest lies in the game itself, you might be interested in playing real money pokies through online casinos. These can be accessed through devices such as your phone, meaning there’s no initial investment as there would be when interested in a game that requires a console. It might also be that these games take your interest because of the immediacy of the gameplay loop, something that might be satisfying after a long day at work or doing chores.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that there are multiple types of slot games that you can play, from the standard version that you’re likely familiar with to variants that focus on bonuses and free spins – adding additional objectives to the game that can test your reflexes even further.


Uno is one of those games that many people remember fondly, despite the overriding emotion of the game quite possibly focusing on that moment your rival player dealt you a devastating +4 at the most inopportune moment. However, while you may still find many packs of Uno cards laying around in various locales, having the digital version on hand can mean that you jump right into the action, and the prompts from the game keep things moving at an efficient and exciting pace. The console version of the game allows you to connect to it using your smartphone and see your hand on that device, meaning that the game is functionally played the same as before – though you can edit the rules to fit the preferences of you and your friends. Additionally, this allows you to play online or against the AI.


If your interest resides with a card game of a more traditional nature, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several ways of playing poker online due to its rampant popularity. Several online casinos, such as where you may find digital slot games, may grant you access to poker as well, but there are also more dedicated platforms that you can investigate if you want to get into this game specifically. As with football, you might not always have your fellow players on-hand to play this game with when the mood strikes you, and so having access to a digital version can allow you to take your interest in the game into your own hands.

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