How Does Ben Stokes Compare to England’s Greats?

Ben Stokes Retires from ODI Cricket
Ben Stokes Retires from ODI Cricket

The current vice-captain of the England international cricket team, Ben Stokes has quickly become a huge fan favorite since his test debut in 2013. Stokes’ rise to stardom is one that English cricket fans haven’t experienced in a while, with many prospects before him having disappointed in the long run.

Being as good as he is, it’s natural for fans, pundits and journalists to ask just how Ben Stokes compares to the England legends of the past and whether his stats can stand up to those that came before him.


From part-time cricket enthusiasts to dedicated fans betting on Sportsbet cricket, anyone who watches the game will tell you Stokes’ in-game prowess and confidence are more than backed up by his impressive statistical game.

Stokes is considered to be one of the best all-rounders in world cricket, with many expecting him to go on to break many records in the future, given that he’s still in his prime at 29.

Recently, he almost broke the record for scoring 4,000 runs and taking 150 wickets in the fastest time, just missing out on the record set by Sir Garfield Sobers.

With his score-to-game ratio rivaling that of legendary England all-rounders Ian Botham and Freddie Flintoff, it’s understandable why many see him as the talisman of the current England team.

Impressive game

After scoring a superb 176 on day two of England’s test series against West Indies, Stokes has continued the hot streak he began in 2019. Since the beginning of last year, he’s averaged an astonishing 55 with the bat each time he’s stepped up to the pitch. He’s also scored 1,433 runs at that time.

Comparing this to the previously mentioned greats, Stokes’ total of 4,399 runs in his career, beating Flintoff’s 3845 runs and hot on the heels of Botham’s 5200, is impressive, to say the least.

Though his bowling doesn’t quite reach those highs, his still-excellent 156 wickets within a 31.73 innings average are worthy of praise. While his run-to-innings ratio is wider than the two legends mentioned, his current trajectory could see him come close to becoming England’s best-ever all-rounder.

Complete player

What many experts have often praised Stokes’ for are his selflessness and his commitment to the England team and its success. Following controversy in 2017, Stokes won back the hearts of cricketing fans with his work rate and effort in bettering himself on and off the pitch.

The England vice-captain has consistently been at the heart of some of the team’s biggest moments in the last few years, with many often singling him out as the biggest asset the country has within cricket.

Stokes’ excellent ICC World Cup final performance was instrumental in England’s win of the tournament. He followed that with his 135 runs against Australia in the Ashes series last August, which was widely seen as the one-man comeback that spurred England on to eventually tie the series for the first time since 1972.

After his BBC Sports Personality award last year, it’s easy to see why Ben Stokes is well on his way to becoming an England cricketing legend both on and off the pitch.

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