These are the best cricket betting analysis websites

best cricket betting analysis websites
best cricket betting analysis websites

Cricket betting is gaining popularity day by day. Betting on cricket has become a lucrative way of bolstering fans’ bankroll, thanks to its plenty of buffet betting options.

But betting on cricket is far easier yet also far complicated. This is especially true if you are new to the world of cricket. So, understanding the depth of this game can help you make the best out of your cricket betting experience.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a list of the best cricket websites for betting analysis providing extensive coverage on how to go about the sport. Remember, these sites are friendly and promise to offer professional analysis tailored to meet every punter’s betting goals.

Cricket world

In our top list, we consider the cricket world. It is one of the best cricket betting analysis websites in the world. The Cricket world is best known for its professional betting tips and statistics. But they also pride themselves on giving decent match predictions based on match statistics on the previous encounters. It is worth mentioning that cricket betting offers match statistics on live games and upcoming events. They also keep track of the ongoing tournaments.

The cricket world’s website is nicely laid out. It offers an easy to go navigation bar with access to plenty of cricket options, including fixtures, live scores, and more. The stats section is nothing more than just a short of excellence.

Cricket world provides you with a chance to stream live matches via bet365. Their page is quite comprehensive and responsive. You only need to pre-fund your bet365 account for you to stream.

Cricket country

The first thing you will notice about this website is its appearance. It is a versatile beauty and an excellent choice for those looking for an upgraded website.

On their navigation bar, they offer stats based on live matches, upcoming events, and results. You will also find team news, the match series, photos, and plenty of videos to watch if you want video analysis. Interestingly, this website offers the Criclife section where punters can get information based on players’ personal lives and other topics. Even better, the secondary navigation bar has an opinion section.

Cricket country is the most popular with Indian cricket, but they also provide detailed information and betting opportunities on games outside the country. With plenty of resources, cricket country is a gem of punters looking to analyze cricket and predict the possible results.


There is nothing you can lack here when it comes to the world of cricket betting. From live scores to fixtures, team rankings to top headlines- Cricbuzz comes with excellent statistics that you fancy. As if it is enough, the website features the video section if you are after video analysis.

Cricbuzz allows access to the series statistics option. Under this section, you can choose your favorite series concerning your team. Now, you can analyze players and team rankings if you select the ranking tab.

Cricbuzz is compatible with all platforms. For this reason, it has a friendly mobile app that works well for both android and iOS players. The app is no different from the website platform because it covers all features of cricket games.


CricketNext is powered by Their reputation is the excellence of plenty of online cricket stats, coverage, match updates, and schedules. The website is dedicated to offering players information on international tournaments and reports before and after the game. It doesn’t get enough; this website provides cricket articles and blogs published by professional analysts. CricketNext has a mobile app that is friendly for both android and iOS users.

CricketNext is a perfect place to start, especially if you are looking for a website with a detailed cricket games analysis.


Cricket365 doesn’t come with dedicated cricket stats, but its website does a good job. Once you open the website, you will get redirected to their homepage. Like most websites in this list, cricket365 offers live scores, match stats, cricket articles, and many more.

The site also allows access to the series option for match results, ongoing games, and upcoming tournaments. Although this site isn’t statistically oriented, their exciting news can be of much help when it comes to analyzing cricket games.

To wrap it up

Whether you are gambling in Europe, Asia or America – it is a brilliant idea to read through cricket analysis websites before placing your bets. The above-listed websites offer broad coverage on cricket betting analysis, team rankings, fixtures, player news, outcomes, and other excellent insights. They will help you gain knowledge and understand the playing teams answering issues like: How will teams line up? Which players are fit? Who is not playing? If you use these websites, you can be sure to build a perfect cricket strategy that wins.

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