Beth Taska Park Ranger ‘Karen’ Marin County Wiki: Topa Equities, 24 Hour Fitness [Video]

Beth Taska is termed as Park Ranger ‘Karen’ after she passed on racist comments on an Asian family roaming through a trail in Marin County in Northern California. The video was initially shared on YouTube and it has since then gone viral on social media platforms. Read about racist Beth Taska Park Ranger Karen Wiki, Bio, Family, Occupation, etc.

A YouTuber, Superduper koolguy, published the video on his channel describing a Park Ranger Karen who told his Asian family that they cannot be in the United States. A woman in a mask named Beth Taska stopped them while they were hiking in NC and said they were breaking the law.

Hiroshi, the Asian man who fell prey to the racist attack did not want to reveal his real identity while discussing the series of events to ABC7 News. He along with his wife, 6-year-old son, 11-years-old daughter, and her dog Fluffy were completing the 4-mile hiking circuit on July 4th in Mt. Tam, NC, when a woman Beth Taska “Karen” bumped into them.

Take a look at Beth Taska Marin County Wiki, Bio, and Video below.

Beth Taska Park Ranger Karen Wiki, Bio, Family, Occupation, Work, Photo

The ‘Karen’ was identified as Beth Taska, a former VP of Human Resources for Bay Area-based 24 Hour Fitness, according to ABC7 News.

Beth Taska Topa Equities, 24 Hours Fitness Racist
Beth Taska Topa Equities, 24 Hours Fitness Racist, Beth Taska Park Ranger Karen Wiki Bio

The news agency contacted the news agency firms, they said, “Ms. Tasks is not a current employee of 24 Hours Fitness and hasn’t been for years.” The company further went to state that it does not keep contact with an employee not complying with “our values or the behavior we expect from our team members.”

Beth worked as the Chief People Officer at Topa Equities till Tuesday. She has been fired not unknown reasons.

Topa Equities released a statement for acknowledging that Taska had done an “extremely disturbing” act. And they have accepted her resignation, “effectively immediately,” they told ABC7 News.

Beth Karen Social Media Profiles – She has deleted all her social media accounts of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Beth Taska Karen Incident at Mt. Tam, Marin County

Hiroshi, all confused and surprised, asked her, “Excuse me? Can’t be in this country?” To which she responds, “You can’t break the law.”

“You can’t just step in front of us and tell us to go back to our country that’s dehumanizing!” said Hiroshi.

Beth Taska Park Ranger Karen Topa Equities Marine County
Beth Taska Park Ranger Karen Topa Equities Marine County

Hiroshi’s family was unaware that dogs are not allowed on the tracks, his wife then told Beth Taska that they are going back to their vehicle. Meanwhile, Beth continues to rant about how the Asian family ‘can not be in this country’.

At this point, Hiroshi asked the woman for her name and she said, “Beth.” Not realizing that she is being filmed all this while. She ran away after seeing the camera.

Watch the complete Beth Taska Park Ranger Karen Video below.

Hiroshi’s Family, Children, Daughter

He is half Japanese and still letting the racist attack sink-in, however, Hiroshi is not new to racism as such events have already happened to him in the past.

“I’ve been called since I was a kid, a number of things. A chink, a book, told to go back to Vietnam. My family is from Japan,” said Hiroshi.

Hiroshi acclaimed that he had already informed his daughter about the racism that she will have to experience growing up. But he was shocked that his 11-years-old daughter would have to witness the Beth Taska Racist incident at a tender age.

“She just didn’t expect it to happen so soon in her life she’s 11!” uttered Hiroshi.

Hiroshi wanted to share his story of bumping into Park Ranger Karen Beth Taska so that people get prepared to handle similar situations with ease and not let the racist attack demotivate them.

“Use your voice and let the world know that this kind of incident occurs and they should be aware of it,” said Hiroshi.

The story is still developing, we’ll update the article as we uncover the new details on Beth.

Stay tuned with TCD for more news on Beth Taska Karen.

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  1. Based on the editing by ABC, it appears that Beth is is racist. However, the article is biased and disingenuous. Looking at the full Video of the altercation between Beth and the family, Beth’s initial reaction to seeing the family is to tell them they can’t have their dog on the trail. The wife seemed apologetic by saying that “she didn’t know” and Beth was persistent that they should turn around with the dog. Unfortunately not Beth’s place as she is not a ranger, and a less confrontational “heads up you can’t bring your dog here on an unpaved trail” would have been more appropriate. But Beth was very insistent that they not be on the trail with the dog after being ignored about that rule.

    The whole conversation was pretty civil until after multiple repeats that dogs aren’t allowed on the trail, Hiroshi tells them to continue on the trail with their dog and Beth makes a comment where I believe that she she incorrectly assumed that they were immigrants or tourists. “You can’t be in this country and be doing that” and in reference to them breaking park rules by bringing a dog on a trail and this is where the family becomes extremely defensive and latches on to the 10% of the the conversation which is what we see in the ABC video. The family repeats what she said loudly “We can’t be in this country?” and Beth tries to emphasize and adds multiple times “and be breaking laws” after the family continuously repeats that snippet. Unfortunately due to that one part of the conversation the whole thing is manipulated to be a racial issue by Hiroshi and disregards that the initial conversation was because the family was being called out for bringing a dog on the trail.In Hiroshi’s interview, he misremembers the events and says that Beth told him to “go back to his country” which was never said by Beth.

    In ABC’s interview, they share the text reply from Beth that the video did not depict the entire situation and if we dig into her part of the story where her primary concern was that they were hiking Steep Ravine and dogs are not allowed on the trail. If we consider her part of it and do research, dogs are not allowed on unpaved trails in Mt. Tam state park. In the end of his personal video of the encounter, there is a still picture of the park sign allowing dogs on leashes which either means that the rules have changed or it was a different trail.

    Folks will latch on to Beth’s comment of “you can’t be in this country and be doing that” as an unforgivable slip of her racism however I see it as just an assumption that Hiroshi and his family are immigrants. It is prejudiced, for sure, but not unforgivable. Let’s not forget that California has more immigrants than any other state. It is human to make assumptions and the brain naturally organizes the world based on previous information without previous experience, which is the very definition of prejudice.

    At the end of it, I feel that this was a misunderstanding and not malicious on Beth’s behalf. Unfortunately due to a combination actual racism Asians are experiencing during Covid-19 in the US, poor news reporting, and people’s addiction to being outraged and cancel culture, this misunderstanding was blown out of proportion.

    • Your whole argument was super cute…until you watch the video and saw the sign that said dog ARE allowed but must be leashed, which you acknowledge. This means they were NOT doing anything legal and she was out of line and should’ve just said it and kept it moving. Instead, she latched on to them because they were Asian American. I am positive there were a number of dogs on that trail and if that Karen stopped each and every dog owner she encountered, cool. But she didn’t. You know it. I know it. The dogs know it. Stop gaslighting.

  2. Well, don’t look at the ABC video; look at the original video from the man encountered the woman. That trail actually allows dogs on a leash. Look near the end.

  3. Stop making excuses. There were other dogs that passed before them. They were singled out because they were Asians. Dogs on leash are allowed on that trail and they were walking down hill back to their car. Did you see karen’s Reaction when she realized she was caught on camera? Does she have a right to block someone on a public trail? She’s not the authority and she doesn’t own that trail. Stop being dismissive!


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