JonBenét Ramsey, Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein: Is the Last Photo Real?

JonBenet Ramsey Ghislaine Maxwell Photo
JonBenet Ramsey Ghislaine Maxwell Photo, Is It Maxwell Really In the Photo? Snopes

Ghislaine Maxwell, late Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, is making headlines again after a photo of JonBenet Ramsey resurfaced the internet claiming to have captured Maxwell in the background. Check whether the photo is real or not, and is Maxwell standing behind JonBenet? True or false, fact check.

Earlier, Maxwell made headlines for her arrest in the New Hampshire and whether or not she tested positive for CoronaVirus/COVID-19. Netizens are blown away by the theory that a photo of JonBenet Ramsey captured Ghislaine Maxwell’s side-face.

JonBenét Patricia Ramsey, a 6-years-old American girl, was found dead in the basement of her house in Boulder, Colorado, on 25 December 1996. The official cause of death ruled out was: “asphyxia by strangulation associated with craniocerebral trauma.” The investigation is under progress; a friend of Maxwell is assigned to lead the case further.

Her mysterious death allowed conspiracy theorists to put out numerous logical and some factually impossible theories. Few theories targeted her parents for the murder.

Twenty four years have passed by, and no detailed information is obtained so far after the six-year-old was found strangled in a travel suitcase down in the basement. The case appears to change its direction now, as a resurfaced photo of JonBenet & Ghislaine Maxwell has taken the internet by storm.

The photo was captured in 1996, the same year she died, and it allegedly depicts Ghislaine Maxwell standing and smiling at the back. Now check out Ghislaine & JonBenet’s photo.

JonBenet Ramsay and Ghislaine Maxwell Photo

JonBenet Ramsey Ghislaine Maxwell Photo
JonBenet Ramsey Ghislaine Maxwell Photo, Is It Maxwell Really In the Photo? Snopes

Ghislaine Maxwell is a businesswoman, popularly known as Jeffrey’s side chick, and for her involvement in his child sex-trafficking rackets.

She was staying in a secluded apartment in New Hampshire, about twenty FBI agents carried out the operation and arrested her on 2nd July.

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Is the JonBenet Ramsey photo real?

Yes, the photo is real. It was captured during a celebration party of the young model. The picture retains its original information; it is not tampered in any sort of way. Moreover, the picture has been featured on multiple news publications such as The Sun in 2019.

The photo of JonBenet Ramsey allegedly depicting Ghislaine Maxwell (side-face) is real.

Is Ghislaine Maxwell Behind JonBenet Ramsey in the photo? Fact Check

The authorities or Ghislaine herself does not officially confirm the presence of Ghislaine in Jonbenet’s photo. However, the internet is assured that it is Maxwell walking the other way, and they have a good reason to believe in the theory.

Born in England, Maxwell was living in the US in 1966, however, she resided in New York City. A quick search through Maxwell’s archived photos reveals that she had a short hair cut – comparable to the lady’s in the photo. Given the circumstances, it is possible that Maxwell is pictured with Ramsey.

However, at that time, Maxwell mostly dealt with her clients in New York & London, rather than doing business with people in Denver (Ramsey’s Hometown).

After the murder of his little girl, JonBenet’s father appointed Haddon, Morgan and Foreman, a law firm based in Colorado to uncover the mysterious killing of the young girl.

At the time JonBenet’s father signed up with the firm, Ghislaine Maxwell was allegedly working in the firm with her close friend Laura Menninger.

It is the expertise of Haddon, Morgan, and Foreman, to look deeper into child abduction and trafficking rackets. And the firm has now put Laura Menninger in-charge of the case, who has known Ghislaine for a considerable time.

Maxwell was arrested and indicted with six counts of felonies on July 2. FBI conducted a secret raid at a secluded New Hampshire property and captured Maxwell.

People have compared the person’s face in Jonbenet’s last photo with Ghislaine Maxwell, and the results have surprised everybody. Check out the comparison Jonbenet Ghislaine’s photo.

Ghislane Maxwell Jonbenet Ramsey Photo Is It Real
Ghislaine Maxwell Jonbenet Ramsey Photo Is It Real?

JonBenet’s death remains a mystery to date. No progress has been made so far to uncover the killer’s identity. We hope with the new revelation, the authorities question Maxwell for potential information.

What are your thoughts on the last photo of JonBenet Ramsey? Is it Ghislaine Maxwell in the picture? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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  1. That IS Ghislaine Maxwell. Not surprising. Looking for “talent” most likely. No different than a thief casing the house they plan to rob. That noise on her, the never changing haircut, and other features–even from the sideview–would bl have no difficulty being identified by any facial recognition program, much less any difficulty recognizing her with the eyes.
    Still… We know who she is. We know her history. We don’t know what happened to the little girl. And until someone proves she and her kind had something to do with the death…well, it’s just a photo on the internet, “taking the world by storm”

  2. Totally edited in faces out of proportion and disfigured/ blurry her head way too big for that other gals face it’s fake.

  3. That is totally her. Of course it makes sense don’t you think!! Cmon people! I hope she doesn’t get suicided!!

  4. @Lynn
    It’s been proven this photo has NOT been tampered with. If you read the Whole article you would know this 👌
    And it’s as plain as the “”nose on her face”” that is Ghislaine Maxwell….
    They need to look into the possibility of a connection between the Ramseys and Epstein/Ghislaine.

  5. Definitely makes sense…makes you wonder what they had on john Ramsey to sell out his conspiracy theory..looking into the law firm Haddon,Morgan,Foreman
    Glhislaine maxwell lawyer..Laura menninger…it seems like childrens pagents were the place for pedos to find young girls to groom

  6. You missed a fact….The Ramsey’s owned a vacation home in Charlevoix, Michigan, which is not far from the Interlochen Arts Academy. It is known that Epstein had a home near there where they attempted to recruit students from the academy. Charlevoix is known as a “money” town where movers and shakers own vacation homes. Ramsey also CEO of Access Graphics, which was a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, which would surely be a “target” of Mossad.


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