Bhai Dooj 2015 Tika, Vidhi, Muhurat, Time, History, Significance – Diwali 5th Day

Bhai Dooj 2015 Tika, Vidhi, Muhurat, Time, History, Significance: India never witnesses a festival alone, it is acclaimed as a ‘festive season’, the festivals in India are more than just new clothes, shopping, prayers or food but more about reunion, expressing love and cherishing the old times and creating new memories. each festival celebrated with a different purpose, hence, a celebration of different relation.

One relation that is celebrated twice a year is he beautiful brother- sister relation via Raksha Bandhan and Bhai-dooj. these are just the way to keep relations intact.Following the Gregorian calendar, celebrated on the 2nd day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartika Maas(between October and November) is the festival celebrated with most celebrated between Brothers and sisters is called Bhai-dooj (North India) / Bhai-Tika (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and regions of Nepal)/ Bhau- beej (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka , Goa)/ Bhai-Pota (Bengal) another major name where this festival derives its origin is “Yamadwitiya”.

Bhai Dooj 2015 Tika, Vidhi, Muhurat, Time, History, Significance

Historical reasons to Bhai Dooj 

As the chronicles date back, The Sun god: Surya married Samjna a beautiful princess. in the course of a year they had twins together named : Yama and Yamuna infamously known as Varni.the brother and sister grew up together, however after some time Samjna, unable to bear her husband’s over-smartness and pride decided to go back to earth, leaving her replica shadow named Chaya behind so that to Surya it appears its Samjna. Chaya turned out to be a very crucial mother, she had her own children and did not care about Yama and Yamuna. Chaya could succeed in mind washing Surya hence leading him to throw these two out of heaven, as a result Yamuna/ Varni fell on the earth and Yama who disoriented went to the cruel world of hell and became the king of death.

After years of separation, when two are busy in their lives and Varni is busy with her handsome prince, one day (that day was two days after diwali) Yama decides to visit his sister, who welcomes him with all the love and respect, prepared great feast for him and share a pleasant evening.

while returning  to his kingdom Yama greets Varni blesses her and impressed by her welcome ‘he tells her that he did not get her any gift, ask, he said and that shall be yours’, to which Yamuna/Varni replies that in return i want that all sisters should pray for the happiness of their brothers. this should be the day when brothers remember their sisters and visit them if possible, This is how the custom of Bhai-duj, or bhai-phonta, came into practice.

Another story also said behind this pious festival is that of Lord Shree Krishna and his sister Subhadra, the myth says, that after Shri Krishna returned from the assassination of the demon Narkasura, is welcomed by his sister  Subhadra  with the lamp, flowers and sweets, and mark his forehead with holy protective spot, also symbolising victory.

Bhai Dooj 2015 Tika, Vidhi, Muhurat, Time, History, Significance
Bhai Dooj 2015 Tika, Vidhi, Muhurat, Time, History, Significance

Vidhi to celebrate Bhai dooj:

Waking up early in the morning brothers nd sisters offer prayers to god for wellness and health of each other. after puja ceremony the sister does the Tika ceremony by putting vermillion on the brothers foreheads, with the tip of their ring fingers followed by sprinkling of rice on their forehead along with some rice grains put on their vermillion which is followed by aarti of the brother,tying the ‘Raksha’ threat on the brother’s right hand’ and then offering sweets and glass of water to the brother , to break the fast kept until the Tika ceremony is done, the brother then offers water to the sister and breaks her fas with sweets. exchanging gifts and taking the blessing of elders.

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Bhai dooj Tika muhurta :

1:09 P.m to 3: 16 Pm 

Dwitiya Tithi Begins = 00:45 on 13/Nov/2015
Dwitiya Tithi Ends = 01:47 on 14/Nov/2015

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  1. Very well described about the Bhai dooj Festival! The significance, history and the beautiful brother- sister relation. Thanks to author for providing the detailed information about the festival.


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