Bigg Boss 9 12th November 2015 Day 32 Episode: BB9 Updates; Diwali crackers

Bigg Boss 9 12th November 2015 Day 32 Episode: “Mere tumahre sabke liye Happy Diwali”, the house all excited about Diwali wakes up to the song dancing on Day 32.the house is decorated for the festival day, looks aesthetic describing the festive ambience. Rochelle in the living area is seen sharing her last night dream with Mandana tells her she dreamt that she was celebrating Diwali with her family and close friends. Right in front of them was a cage which was full of gifts Rochelle and Mandana see the gifts locked in the cage, and Aman tells that to attain gifts from family they would have to go through some task.

While Digangana was  preparing breakfast for everyone, Mandana goes up to her and says that she should consult everyone before preparing breakfast. as she should cook the food that is eaten and liked by everybody in the house and not cook the food only liked and enjoyed by her friends. Bigg boss editor’s do manage to show a clipping of silent Rimi sen, who is not so silent, Rimi is seen telling Suyyash, Prince and Kieshwar that as they would appraoch the weeks closer to finale they would be isolated by housemates, while the rest of the house would get against them.

Bigg Boss 9 13th November 2015 Day 32 Episode
Bigg Boss 9 12th November 2015 Day 32 Episode

1:20 pm- Bigg Boss wishes Diwali to the contestants, Rishabh the Captain of the house is asked to give name of a contestant who is missing their family the most, as he gave Digangana’s name she was sent to the double trouble room, after which  to follow her were Mandana and Puneet.The three conestants in their repsctive rooms are told by Bigg Boss to take a decison on behalf of all the members. the three of them were given 4: ptions to choose from which were as follows:

  1. If only one person presses the button, the entire house gets Diwali gifts;
  2. If any two of them press the button, the third person will get the gift;
  3. If all three of them press the button, any three contestants chosen by them will get the gifts.
  4. If no one presses the button, only the decision makers will get the gift.

As in the double trouble room only Puneet presses the button, resulting everyone getting the gifts from their families.

As only Puneet presses the Button the whole house is excited as they all would be reciving thier gifts. as the cage opens and they are handed over gifts, the house witnesses an emotional rush, people are crying  and hugging each other as their support. Aman, for the first time is seen talking about his girlfrend to mandana. mandana tells him his girl friend is hot.

Bigg Boss 9 12th November 2015 Day 32 Episode

as yesterday’s task saw cancellation after a tiff between Mandana and Kieshwar. Bigg Boss decided to give them anoher chance to win the luxury budget, by telling Aman and Kieshwar that they have to put an entertaining diwali event. The task is named “Bigg Boss Got Talent”, wherein Rochelle and Rimi are asked to perform items numbers. WhIle Team A and Team B, from last task itself will have to recreate compelling scenes from the house.Aman and Rishabh are asked to do a stand-up act where Rishabh acts as a puppet while Aman acts as a puppeteer, While Puneet and Suyyash had to Compose Parody describing eccentricity of every co-contestant.

8:20;  a conflict breaks up between the house mates, when Kieshwar is telling to listen to the male part and perform for it when Rimi would dance on the song “Beedi Jalaile Jigar se Piya”, when Rochelle looks at this she raises an issue, saying this task is only assigned to her and Rimi and noone else can be a part of the same.Kieshwar get furious, due to this unexpected outbreak, Rochelle is seen very upset as she wants people to enjoy the task and not fight over it on the occasion of Diwali, starts to cry ovr the same and tells everyone that she wants the task to be fun and not full of fights even on Diwali. while she is crying she is comforted by Mandana and Aman.

Kieshwar seeks help from bigg boss so as to clarify the rules, if Suyyash is allowed to be a part of Rimi’s dance performance. Bigg boss tells her this is about entertainment and if both the teams agree with it, then he is free to perform. kieshwar and team is seen discussing that  because Rochelle is not a good dancer  but Rimi is, hence she is scared.

Rishabh and Aman do their act during 'Bigg Boss Got Talent' task
Bigg Boss 9 12th November 2015 Day 32 Episode

At 11: the Diwali event Begins While Rochelle and Rimi are seen delivering a sizzling dance performance on ‘Manali Trace and Beedi Jalai le ” respectively.

Team A under Aman’s leadership performs a skit based on Rimi, the time when Salman plays a prank on her in the socond week. while Team B under leadership of Kieshwar sees Kieshwar Playing Rishabh ever since his entry in the house.

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Round 3 was Rishabh and Aman performing as puppet and puppeteer- Jahan na pahunche ishwar waha pahunche ishwar. then there were performances by Suyyash and Puneet who sing a parody for housemates.

All the fun oriented performance were taken in a good humor, by the house mates-. based on the performance the two judges Mandana and Prince call this task a tie. as a result Bigg Bos, informed them that all the housemates deserve the luxury budget to be shared.

The Bigg Boss 9 12th November 2015 Day 32 Episode comes to end with everyone dancing and partying with good food and Fireworks marking the end of the day. surely Diwali is over, but the crackers would continue to burst in the house. let us see what the day 33 has for us and the contestants.

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