Big Brother Canada 5 Week 2 Spoilers, News & Updates: Veto Winner Revealed!

Big Brother Canada 5 Week 2 Spoilers, UpdatesBig Brother Canada is a reality show which airs in Canada during summer and based on Dutch TV series. The game format includes contestants to live in a custom built house and follow particular instructions.

Season 5 of this series was premiered on March 15, 2017, with 16 players for 70 days. So the biggest question for week 2 is-Who has won the Veto power? We have spoilers to the question for the fans of this series.

Big Brother Canada 5 Week 2

Before coming to the suspense directly, let’s dig some facts first. So the names of participants going to take part in the veto power competition are- Demetris, Dillon, Emily, Dre, Karen and Neda. And as we all know that winner of this contest will have the power to make some of the key decisions in the house.

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In the house, we can encounter lots of conversation going on to keep some of the people out the power. For example, Demetres is working some of the vets including Bruno and Kevin and they have targeted to keep some of the people out of the play like Dallas as a possibility. Cassandra’s is trying to plot against Bruno.

The constant competition can be seen between two biggest rivals possible right now in the house named Demetres and Dillon. Although rest of the contestants are keen to see them battling against each other. However, Demetres is likely to keep Dillon out of the game.

Big Brother Canada 5 Week 2 Spoilers, Updates
BBC5 spoilers

Let’s reveal the winner of the veto power game-Dillon. And with this Demetres is struck in two phases when we talk about replacement nominee. Cassandra is still going over Bruno for rest of the week, but a new turn is coming with Dallas being targeted by a group of people including Kevin, Ika, Neda, Bruno and Sindy.

This group made him believe that he was a part of that group but Dallas is extremely paranoid which is not helping him.

Now the question arises will the things change or not? With Cassandra doing so much, she might get the power, or the whole group will vote against her when given opportunity and they will get rid of her.

This is going to be so interesting to see what is going to happen next in this game shows and how the drama unfolds. BBC5 airs on Slice.

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