Bigg Boss 9 5th November 2015: BB9 Updates Day 25 Episode – Flabbergasting With Many Turnabouts

Bigg Boss 9 5th November 2015 – Day 25 Episode BB9 updates: Today was quite flabbergasting with the variety of turnabouts in just one single day. The day saw an unexpected development between Rishabh and Yuvika, sharing their views over certain issues and later with other housemates taking Yuvika’s case by teasing her over the bonding making her blush. (read: Guy Fawkes 2015.)

Last tasks performance brought a treat for Mandana and Rishabh, where big boss gave them an opportunity to fight for captaincy. Mandana nominated Keith to fight for captaincy on her behalf while Rishabh fought for himself. The Game was won by Rishabh by 3/2 . hence was declared the captain of the house.

Bigg Boss 9 5th November 2015 – Day 25 Episode BB9 updates

BiggBoss is a prototype of dynamics in relationships one was seen between Kieshwar and Mandana who few days ago were swearing upon their similarities after the last task became so indifferent that Kishwar chose to support Rishabh forgetting all the tortures he did on her by making her a dog to fetch bone in the last task.

Rochelle Was on a dislike mode for Rishabh where throughout she was on a tiff with him and eventually this turned into a heated argument over an mulish behavior by the new captain so much so that Rochelle needed up abusing. Making him furious but later Rishabh chose to settle it all by talking to her and apologising for her behaviour. (check: Acer Liquid Z530, Z630s specs.)

The house was taken by terror with an unknown voice with its scary words who made a wild card entry Puneet Vashisht ( well known for his acting and negative roles in many shows) leaving people in smiles.

Bigg Boss 9 5th November 2015 - Day 25 Episode BB9 updates
Bigg Boss 9 5th November 2015 – Day 25 Episode BB9 updates

There were moments of laughter when the whole house got together and played pranks on Rishabh by dirtier his hoodie and pushing him in the swimming pool.

To a moment when everybody spent time relaxing in the jacuzzi together and Rishabh hitting on Yuvika.

Looks Like the silence before the storm. Who would be the storm in tomorrow’s episode would be fun to watch. So, stay connected with us to get the latest Bigg Boss updates. Don’t forget to share.

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