Bigg Boss 9 6th November 2015 Episode: Is Keith Leaving The Show On BB9 Day 26?

Bigg Boss 9 6th November 2015 Episode: Is Keith Leaving The Show On BB9 Day 26? The contestants woke up to the ‘sailarusailare” tunes from the movie josh.After which new entry Puneet was seen discussing moments from the vault while shooting this movie. Rochelle looked a little tetchy while pursuing Puneet for the disturbance he created by talking to cameras at odd night hours.

The afternoon brought in a sad news for Keith and his fans because of the unforeseen demise of his younger brother; the contestant had to leave the show mid-way.

The day turned out to be disturbing for Mandana as she faced two conflicts once with Kieshwar over cleaning of the carpet and then with Yuvika, which left her alone in tears as nobody offered her shoulders. Puneet came out to be self-proclaimed Guru of Mandana who cheered him up.

Bigg Boss 9 6th November 2015

This episode saw some people unlike of their usual behavior, for the first time the sweet and ‘confused girl’-yuvika of the house indulged in an aggressive fight with Mandana.She appeared firm and strong in putting forward her opinion, unlike her known nature. Another person, who was seen hatching out of her shell, was Rimisen, who was seen in a new avatar, bitching ….hmmmm. Yes! Rimisen was seen impersonating Mandana and quibbling about her irritating behavior.

Next shot shows contestants sitting in the living area where Bigg boss asks them for the worst 3 performers of the house. Rishabh, Rimi and Mandana were chosen as the worst 3, as a result of which they were called to double trouble room. depending upon how many out of three press the buzzer  in the task which would decide their fate either to sleep on the beds or without them, as the three of them pressed the buzzer, resulting in all the other members of the house but them to be sleeping on the floor.

For the recent developments Mandana and Yuvika also getting the limelight and the attention being single and beautiful looks like the season of “coupling and doubling “is soon to start.

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Rishabh and Puneet were given a task to perform a dance number for girls second round included giving points to girls based on their looks. Also, and then ask them out for a drive in their respective swift cars. Finally after a lot of approval Puneet won the task with the most number of girls in his cars.

After which Puneet got after Digangana’s life for, at first choosing to sit in Rishabh’s car as the two have a horrible history and ends up calling her a dumb girl.

Tomorrow is Salman’s day let us see what he has for contestants as Diwali gifts. it’s going to be dhamakedaar for sure.

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