Bigg Boss 9 17th November 2015 Day 37 Episode: Friends Fight

Bigg Boss 9 17th November 2015 Day 37 Episode: ‘Teri Tay Tay Phiss’, the wake-up alarm for Day 37, brings in the realization that yesterday’s task “Shararti Bachay’ would experience a role reversal today.

While Aman and Digangana are contemplating over Mandana’s participation in the task today, Suyyash says that, as Mandana has to be on the other side of the court ie: be a naughty kid she surely will participate. later Mandana confirms the same.

When the task is on, Kieshwar observes Mandana that after day’s of illness she has suddenly become active as a shahrarti Bachaa.

Bigg Boss 9, Mandana, Prince
Shararati Bachey Task; Bigg boss 9

Kids went loony, taking the excitement to another level. The new kids in the house Suyyash and Aman are seen hitting each other with a pillow while Diganagna is vociferating on wanting her hair band back.

Bigg Boss 9 17th November 2015 Day 37 Episode

Bigg Boss 9, Rochelle, Aman, Suyyash
Housemates Wrangle

Prince and Suyyash, when the madness of kids went uncontrollable shockingly get into an argument when he claimed that prince got way too Physical with handling him.

A scene is created when Aman accuses the other team of not following the task rules. as they instead of changing their diapers they tore them.

Another antagonism is witnessed between Suyaash and Prince when he and Rishabh  are preventing Digangana from taking the carpet out of the house, Suyyash supports Diggi saying that she as a child is free to do anything.  Prince tells Bigg boss house rules to mention that such acts are restricted and punishable by Bigg Boss, again creating a heated argument between the supposed buddies, Rishabh tried to ease things out, Suyyash tells him to stay away.

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Abused by Mandana, Irritated Prince taunts Mandana over her health and gives her a piece of her own cake, to which she angrily  responds he held her hand way too hard which hurt her. The house again gets into an argument over setting the limits to physical proximity in the tasks.

Bigg Boss 9 17th November 2015 Day 37 Episode 37

Looking for the Sanchalak Rimi, they reach out to her telling that she must take a decision for the same, but to keep herself out of the same, she refuses to get into such extreme controversies.

finally working through them, the housemates reach a unanimity in terms of the rules, but that was not all round three of the argument between Suyyash and Prince fissured when, while Prince tries to impede Suyyash from entering the bedroom, Aman holds te bedroom doors too tight.  he looses cool calling it unfair, again Rishabh is stemmed from coming into the argument. 

Rochelle, Aman
Rochelle and Aman during the task

Mandana habitually quit the task and accuses Rochelle of having bee physical wth her while pulling her diapers down.

Later in the evening the two friends are seen talking out things where Prince tells Suyyash that he is tired of the housemates acts and hence wants to leave. The Bigg Boss 9 17th November 2015 Day 37 Episode ends with him recalling his school days.

The house is left in enigma if they would be able to complete a task in this season or not. Let us see the incompleteness of this season. 

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