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Here is the written update of Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2015 episode 419. In today’s episode, Bulbul asked Pragya for clearance of doubt regarding the person in Tanu’s life. Tanu and Aaliya were going in the car to return the necklace to Nikhil. But Ronnie tried to create trouble for them. Pragya asked him to do so. Abhi thought that why Pragya brought Tanu to the room and she definitely have some doubt. Abhi approached Payal for help about getting rid of ex. She said that she got some papers and documents from her. Abhi said her make a fool of Ronnie.

Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2015
Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2015

Abhi said that he wanted to know for the album and added that he would put his name for the album credits. Payal was very happy and immediately went to Ronnie’s place. She offered him the friendship. Ronnie replied her do not waste his time. He thought this is just the trick of her. He said Payal looks cute and he wanted to hug. Payal asked him what you were doing. Ronnie replied he wanted to hug for the friendship. Suddenly Pragya arrived and Abhi thought villain had arrived. Ronnie said that she wanted to friend with him and they are hugging like friends. Pragya started scolding her. Pragya warned her for not repeating this again. Ronnie asked her to take the hug and started laughing. Abhi thought what to do and Pragya thinking about the way to know about Nikhil. She thought whether he was in the relationship with Tanu or Aaliya. She thought Tanu would give pressure on him to marry her.

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2015 Written Updates

Abhi arrived. Pragya asked what happened. Abhi said he was in the romantic mood and everything seems to be settled around him. He said he was feeling like the string pulled guitar. Pragya asked why did he come to her. Abhi started flirting her while smelling the rose. Pragya said that it was all fake. Abhi said a rose was a rose and said if she felt from her heart then only she would feel the smell. He stroked her face with some flowers. Pragya closed her eyes. She asked him to go away.

Pragya asked him to go. and said she was not a voice recorder. Abhi thought she should respect him. Pragya thought what would he get by flirting with her. She thought of calling Nikhil adding an excuse. She got the idea thought she had to get his mobile number. She came back to the room. Abhi thought she must be realized the mistake. Pragya asked him for the phone and said she wanted to check an unknown number calling her since morning. He gives his phone. He asked if she was trying to read the messages. Pragya said no. Abhi said she could not be his fuggi.

Nikhil thought of attentive with Aaliya and she could throw him like an insect. He got Pragya’s phone call. He asked her how was she. Pragya replied that he talked to Aaliya about the work. Nikhil said he had a good offer and needed some investors. She invited him at home around 11 am. Raj talked someone and said he would not agree even for Rs. 50 Lacs. Mitali arrived and asked what he would now sell even for 50 Lacs. Raj did not want to give an answer to her. Mitali asked if he was done something wrong. Raj said what if he done and said he was thought to earn some money.

Abhi thought Pragya was not giving him the priority. He thought to be on a date with her and convince her. Pragya arrived at the room. Abhi stopped her and said he wanted to go on a date. Pragya said she don’t want to go with him. Abhi said he was not taking her else his life would ruin. Pragya asked why did he tell her. Abhi replied it was his helplessness as she was sitting on his money. Pragya asked they needed money. Abhi said she was single and don’t want to saw someone happy. Pragya said he was getting married very soon. Abhi asked when he was getting married said her to get him married tomorrow. Pragya asked how much did he need. Abhi calculated and said 5 Lacs. Pragya said she hear it wrong, 5000 naa. Abhi said it was a large amount. Abhi said these girls were the best and asked her to come. Pragya said okay and then said that she would see from a distance. Abhi said he was going on the date so would go and change.

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