Bigg Boss 9 Day 39: 19th November 2015 – Rishabh Fights!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 39: 19th November 2015 – The day took off when Aman caught Rishabh using his towel, Aman accosts him and tells the young man to return his towel, while Rishabh does not realize his mistake instead he argues, ‘don’t show me this attitude’ – Aman said.

Kieshwar and her boots are in the bedroom area, she say ” That Rochelle is not trustworthy, she does not belong to anyone, She uses Aman for her coffee and Mandana for her food’. Prince replies, ‘even they won’t know when she would kick them off’.

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Another shot is the much-awaited entry of the “not-so” secretly kept Mandana back from the secret room after 24 hours, to which the housemates pretend to be at a shock. while after the nominations Mandana is seen combating the house members on the basis of what she was shown in the secret room.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 39: 19th November 2015

Mandana said, ‘my enemies said little bad about my while my friend talked so bad about me.asking her friend what’s the difference between her and kieshwar (her enemy)in that case? Kieshwar claims that Rochelle is not happy that she is back, Mandana told Rochelle not to be nasty, she will tell her how she can play’.

Mandana, Secret room, Bigg boss 9, Day 39
Mandana Back from Secret Room

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Rishabh is on an intent to create wrangle picked up an ugly and nonsensical argument with everyone and his time, it was with Prince when the former tells him to eat in limited quantity. ‘I am not going to compromise on my diet, I will eat 4 paranthas’, this response makes Prince goes bonkers, eventually called him “Jaanwar”.

Prince Rishabh, Bigg boss 9
Fight over food Rishabh and Prince.

Bigg Boss 9 Episode 39 19th Nov. 2015 comes to an end!

After this pseudo eviction who would be eliminated on Sunday and who the new entries are going to be. keep on following us for further updates.

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