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Bigg Boss 9 Day 50 30 November 2015: With Salman an emotional game for 20 lakh


Bigg Boss 9 Day 50 30 November 2015-

As Salman declared about the task yesterday giving contestants a chance to win back the ‘double’ the amount of money they lost early last month during the nilami task.

Slaman in today’s special episode marks his entry with ‘Hud Hud Dabang’. Informing all that one contestant will be getting the chance to double up the entire amount. Putting it up to their self-esteem, contestants respond to Salman that they will complete the task no matter what.

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Digangna and new wild card entrants not part of the task Priya plays the Sanchalak, while rest of the contestants are asked to hold a money bag hanging via a rope, which is not to be put down.

salman khan, Bigg Boss 9
Salman taking having a fun time with contestants through ‘Me Tv’

It wasn’t too long when the task began, Jallad charges the house, taking away the make-up, photo frames, clothes and food of the contestant. Later everyone starts to take fun in the task when they understand Bigg boss’s strategy to test their patience. Mandana gets out of control while Jallad is taking away her belongings, Contestants try to calm her informing her that they will remain safe with BB and would be returned later on. eventually, they all become desensitized  to the acts that are taking place.

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bigg boss 9
Bigg boss 9, Mandana loosing control

Entering the house through me Tv, Salman gets a surprise when contestants perform a Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, while he laughs at Rishabh who is peeing again and again, he makes it a point to clear the rules to Rishabh who was teasing Sanchalak Priya by putting the bag down. Priya reveals that in the last task Prince peed in her sipper, everyone has a good laughj when Salman tells her to wash it once before using that sipper again.Prince confessed that Rochelle, Kieshwar and Priya are stronger than many men, mentally and physically

Bigg Boss 9 Day 50 30 November 2015-

biss boss 9, day 50
contestants holding the ropes to money bags.

Salman asks contestants to a guess of the amount of money each one is hosting in their bags, after everyone replies, Salman putting the elimination in suspense for tomorrow leave the house. Before he is done with his part in episode today he reveals that the doubling amount is in Madana’s bag.

Again the Jallad enters to cut short the ropes of the contestants.Rochelle commenting on her height calls it unfair. Priya tells Rochelle that it is a game and hence is not meant to be fair, Rochelle immediately told her to stay out of it, things aggravate when Rochelle abuses generally and Priya takes it on her, She cries by saying she is not here to listen to anybody’s abuses and this shows Rochelle’s character.

priya malik, bigg boss 9
Priya Malik into tears after an argument with Rochelle.

This is the time when everyone has started to give up on the task, starting with Mandana, yes the double amount is gone, then Kanwaljeet and Rishabh.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 50 30 November 2015. Bigg Boss 9, Salman Khan, Priya Malik
Suyyash crying n seeing his sister, Kieshwar telling him not to cry.

At 2 am, Suyyash on the screen sees his sister in the confession room, he craving to meet her but decides not to give up on the task. while everyone is consoling him. Rochelle looking at her health was suggested to quit but she didn’t.

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Who all manage to complete k, Bigg boss weather forecast”: week to be full of ‘agni pariksa’.

Stay tuned till we get you more news on Bigg boss 9.


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