Bigg Boss 9 Day 53 3 December 2015: Task Trouble Boys Sizzle With ‘Lust Test’

Bigg Boss 9 Day 53 3 December 2015

Continuing from the last night’s task which was testing the ‘Pride’ quotient, conflicts kept on heating up as Mandana kept on bashing everyone with her persistent attitude to destroy the most expensive items of Kanwaljeet, as Mandana’s items which were destroyed had an emotional value attached while same was not the case with Knawaljeet, his items just had materialistic attachment.

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The house is in pandemonium with the discussion about Mandana’s insensitive and selfish attitude and total disregard for others emotions. Kanwaljeet stayed calm throughout being ready for his gold and sapphires to be destroyed, he said that he did not care about anything else but his spondylitis pillow.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 53 3 December 2015
Mandana arguing with Rochelle

Bigg Boss 9 Day 53 3 December 2015

The most furious during the task is Rochelle who is crying and begging all to give up on the task. Keith, Rochelle and Prince are seen talking Mandana being persistent on doing the task is because her personal belongings have been destroyed. In complete opposition Rochelle and Keith ask her if she will really not feel guilty for destroying someone’s belongings, Mandana right away refuses.

 Ater Kanwaljeet’s team destroys Mandana’s expensive shoes and got them destroyed.

Rochelle and Mandana, too get into an argument as Rochelle insists that Mandana should give up and no more harm is done to anybody’s items. Mandana says that she will not function as per others when she gives up, everyone pounds at her and if she wasn’t to continue then all get on her back for having quit the task. Rochelle tries to explain her that they have been fighting for her.

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Bigg Boss 9 Day 53 3 December 2015

Looking at the Frenzy taking place in the house, Priya decides to vote asking both the teams if they want t0 continue or not. While  Team A -Rochelle, Keith and Prince with a consensual vote decided to give up on the task, which eventually declared Kanwaljeet’s Team an obvious winner.

Mandana trying to recover her items by clearing them up is in tears Rishabh hugs her empathizing her situation. The task does not still get settled when brother-sister Prince and Suyyash get into an altercation, for having destroyed Kanwaljeet’s spondylitis pillow and not considering his medical condition, Prince counters by saying that Bigg boss won’t let Knwaljeet suffer for his medical condition and hence give him a new pillow and hat is the reason they destroyed it.

Late in night Rishabh is explaining Mandana over her mistake for having fought and putting allegation on those people who helped hr in her bad times ie: Keith and Rochelle. Meanwhile, Rochelle tells Keith she always stood for right and that’s how maintained an image but her image has recently been tainted as she was always standing in her friend Mandana’s favor.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 53 3 December 2015
Kieshwar in tears over Prince’s changed attitude.

contestants are discussing Prince’s dominating attitude which leaves Kieshwar into tears.

bigg boss 9 3 december
Bigg Boss 9 Day 53 3 December 2015: Task Trouble Boys Sizzle

Later another part of the task to test the ‘Lust Quotient’ Prince and Rishabh is declared. The two would be sitting with electrodes over their body showing their heart rate on a screen while a girl performs a seductive dance with them. The task for boys is to control their hormones. The task which left all in fun saw Prince as the winner could very firmly control himself.

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The 53rd day full of excitement came to an end.


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